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Get your nerd on!

Get your nerd on! angrybirds big

In the next few days, Apple is supposed to release a software update for the iPad’s iOS. It is slated to offer some cool new things including multitasking and folders. (I’m watching Twitter anxiously.)

I’ve done this before but there are some additions so here are my favorite iPad apps for my nerdy friends out there (and there are plenty of you, I know!):

Instapaper: Find a cool article or blog (like mine!) online on your Mac or PC and don’t have time to read it right now? Click “read later” in your bookmarks bar and it will send it to Instapaper’s site and then sync with your iPad to read it later on at your leisure.

Brushes: Who doesn’t like doodling, finger painting, and such? You can do it here without the mess and play with endless texture and colors.

Angry Birds: This game is available for Droid, iPhone and iPad and is pleasantly addictive. You will find yourself dreaming of smashing green pigs wearing helmets.

iThoughtsHD: Mind Mapping software that works very nicely as you try to organize your thoughts and figure out your brain. Exports maps to PDF and MindManager as well. Very intuitive and easy to work with.

Guardian Eyewitness: The Guardian UK ships you a new picture each day from their award-winning photographers. These are stunning images with summaries of their captured event and some tips for burgeoning photographers. This is in association with Canon.

Osmos HD: a soothing, visually exciting game that will waste endless hours as you try to make your mote bigger, destroy anti-matter and fight gravitational pulls. You have to see it for that all to make sense but you will love it. Promise.

MoMA Abstract Expressionists: The Museum of Modern Art put this together for their Abstract Expressionist Exhibit and it is a lovely app with great images from Pollock, Frankenthaler, and Gorky (among others).

Wall Street Journal: Beautiful to look at and read. However, you won’t have access to certain stories until you pay the $3.99 PER WEEK. I won’t be doing that anytime soon but it is still a great app.

The New York Times (formerly Editor’s Choice): The newest version is allowing access to everything for free for a limited time and remains exquisite in its layout and embedded photos. This is a must if you want to know what is going on in the world.

Index Card: I love this. It takes a very low-tech process of brainstorming and gives you a corkboard and cards to work out ideas and organize them. You can color code and write on both sides of the card. This is a very helpful thing.

Amazon Kindle: Amazon knew it would get pounded when the iPad got released and smartly built Kindle apps for every device on the planet so you would still be able to access their gigantic e-book store and your own library whether on your Droid, iPhone, iPad or Kindle. Amazon’s books are cheaper than iBooks and available across platforms. I’m sticking with Amazon on this one.

iA Writer: I think I’ve developed ADD with my computer chirping at me with email, Twitter, Facebook, and there is an app for my Mac called WriteRoom that blocks all applications and gives you a black screen and simple green cursor to allow you to focus without distraction. iA Writer does this for iPad albeit more elegantly with a smartly revamped keyboard, word count, and the ability to fog over all you have written with the exception of the last couple of sentences, forcing you to keep going, and not sitting there admiring the sentence you wrote forty five minutes ago. This works with Dropbox, too. A plus.

Dropbox: Mac, PC, Droid, iPhone, or iPad, this application is awesome. It creates a local folder on your Mac or PC and as you drop pictures, songs, or documents into the folder, it syncs to your account online. Your files are then accessible on any device from wherever you are…Up to 2GB of space for FREE. And you are still sitting there?

Pulse: A customizable news reader with a groovy interface…enough said.

I have come to use my iPad for a lot of things, often taking it with me instead of my Mac. It currently cannot replace a laptop but it certainly can do most of the simple tasks such as web surfing, email, and writing.

Christmas is coming. Ask Santa for one. You’ll like it A LOT.


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