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Day One (sort of): East Hanover, New Jersey

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Today, Therap staff from all over the country showed up in New Jersey. We are meeting all day with everyone from design, programming, sales and support, and the operations people. The discussion and presentations are lively and include everything from everyone meeting one another (half of the new people have not met one another!), the security and size of our data centers, Richard’s numbers and graphs, to the the hue of orange on our catalogs.

Tomorrow, the conference will officially begin with people from as far away as Alaska (my friendies!) to Florida, to California…We are running piles of sessions for the next three days; something like fifteen sessions per time slot. I’m looking forward to some of the user presentations…we have some super nerds converging in New Jersey. The first Therap conference was about five years ago and had around thirty participants…this one will have upwards of 300 people with a sold out hotel!

And over 90% of the certified trainers will be here, too. And that should be something to see: this group all together is something to fear for sure. Day One (sort of): East Hanover, New Jersey icon wink

And a certified trainer has jumped the fence! Michelle Saunders is joining Therap. Yay!!

Watch Facebook and the blogs for live updates!


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