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Newest in the Realm of UberNerds!

So, the conference was amazing. If you missed it, pfft! Your loss. There is always next year, I suppose.

During that conference, I acquired six new Certified Trainers along the way. I was tripping over smarty pants from all sorts of places but these were the bravest among them!

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Pat Watt is the Operations Director for Reach, Inc., in Juneau, AK. I’m pretty sure she knows everything. Really.

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John Kincinas is the Director of IT for Garden Center Services in Burbank, IL. He made fast friends with Kristi Davis as they both have a Berner obsession.

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Alhaji Jalloh is a program coordinator with St. John’s Community Services in Washington DC (home to gobs of Certified Trainers!). He demonstrates a really fine aptitude with Therap, especially Health Tracking…and puts up with some teasing remarkably well. Newest in the Realm of UberNerds! icon smile

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Brianne Conner is the Statewide Training Coordinator in New Mexico…no small feat considering THE WHOLE STATE uses Therap. She has assisted over 130 agencies that support close to 4,000 individuals get up to snuff with GERs, Health Tracking, MARs and ‘specially New Mexico-designed, eCHAT. ISPs are loitering on the horizon. Bill Heinecke is Montana’s State Therap Administrator and again, no small feat, given that all of Montana uses Therap. Montana was the second state to mandate Therap across its providers with the use of GERs. For Bill, ISPs are also on the horizon. They are both super smart when it comes to the oversite provider thing and how the systems interact with one another (way trickier and way cooler than it sounds, I promise!).

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Rob is the Program and Home Coordinator with FOCUS in Eagle River, AK. He has been helping Andy with some quality assurance techniques when it comes to ISP data, Excel and billing. He made my hair smolder as he talked about the way they are analyzing their data within Excel. I’m scheduling a webinar with him to learn a thing or two.

And these folks are it…for now. Others are standing in line to join the coolest bunch of smarties I know. Newest in the Realm of UberNerds! icon smile

PS: I left the east coast and was home late on Sunday, home yesterday and booked all day, and today is the same. Tonight, I’m off to the greater Seattle area with a pug in tow!


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