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89 Degrees and Counting

89 Degrees and Counting i mTHVqb3 L

So, I have been in Arizona since Sunday night. First in Chandler, a suburb of Phoenix, and now in Tucson.

Rise Services continues Rising. Rachel has a lot of work ahead of her as Rise implements Therap across Arizona and Utah!…She will rock it, no doubt. She just needs fresh air, deep breaths and…well, a new nursery…

AND today, I spent the day with a true Therap legend, Sue Henning-Mitchell, the deputy director at Community Living Program in Tucson. Not ONLY Sue, but Michele Betanco, Francis Sumba and my friend, Timothy, who’s most likely sleeping already in his new sleep number bed. 89 Degrees and Counting icon wink

Arizona is new territory for me…I will need to readjust to warmer temperatures (cough, cough!! Richard!) and figure out all the different categories of cacti…


Watch out, Arizona.



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