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The Coast: How I almost died and how Susie saved me

A picture I took before my near-death experience

This past Sunday afternoon, I innocently drove to the Oregon coast to help out Coast Rehabilitation with some training. They have made some changes and asked me to do some new and re-training.

A picture I took on my way to my doom

Sure, I said. No problem.

The drive was amazing, as always. From snow in higher elevations to fog, rain and sun in the lower. I got to stay by the water.

Monday went off brilliantly and after a very long day, I retired back to my hotel (and to my haunted bedroom, which is another story altogether).

Outside my room and yes, it was snowing about a half hour beforehand...before I was violently attacked!

I’m pretty sure I was attacked by a norovirus…and was so sick that by Tuesday morning I could barely get out of bed. I really considered 911.

Truly, I have never been so sick in my life. Sigh.

It set Coast’s training back and my Wednesday was incinerated, leaving today to be a nightmare of catching up. (There is no norovirus allowed in Therap!)

Susie Buchanan, Therap’s newest Certified Trainer, not only packed up my equipment AND brought it to my hotel AND loaded my van, but supplied me with water, crackers, ginger ale, and love and comfort.

I love my Coasties. :)

Thanks so much, Susie!! I still feel faintly like roadkill today but am on the mend thanks much to your kindness and Schweppes!


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