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More Webinars!

Come by and see us!!

Nerdy Things

I am fortunate to work with a pile of nerds, within and without Therap…some of them are certified trainers.

Here are some recent webinars you should check out to get YOUR nerd on:

Day One (really!): East Hanover, NJ

Day One (really!): East Hanover, NJ 416878 10150541176868983 613188982 8929946 632794191 n

300 plus people from as far as Alaska and Hawaii and 32 other of the contiguous states.

Something like 120 sessions run…a Certified Trainer reception with fabulous laptop bags…Like Christmas prezzies for nerds.

A meeting with Alaskans into the late evening…and random loitering into the later evening with discussions about everything from Bernese Mountain Dogs to jail breaking OS devices.

And now, we will do it all again. Although my evening plans will be a little different tonight. Day One (really!): East Hanover, NJ icon wink