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Newest Nerds!

We have nerds all over the place. Our newest hail from Florida and Missourah  Missouri.

Here is what they have to say for themselves:

Brandon Tripp

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Of course, my name is Brandon Tripp and I am from Chicago, IL. After graduating Greenville College with my B.A. in Sociology, I found myself relocating to Maryland Heights, MO. I am currently an Individualized Supported Living Program Manager (QDDP) for Willows Way, Inc., located in Saint Charles, MO. Willows Way is a non-profit organization that services adults with developmental disabilities. Willows Way provides personalized support to individuals with challenges, promoting dignity while fostering independence, growth and life choices within the community. In my spare time, I coach high school sport(s): Track & Field and Football. My favorite hobby is working; not to be confused with working-out! – “If you rest, you rust!”

(Allison’s Note: We’ll keep him from rusting, I know it!)

Scott Barnette

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I am a Coordinator of Support Services for DSI Management at Howell Branch Court located in Winter Park, FL. I have a BS in Non-Profit Administration & Development from Southern Adventist University with an additional certification In Non-Profit Leadership from the Non-Profit Leadership Alliance. Our company adopted Therap in June 2011 and since then I have sought to learn as many components of the software as possible. I also assist in the training of our employees on Therap’s uses. I love teaching, reading, traveling & sports.

(Allison’s Note: Kristen already geeked him out with an extra Trainer’s bag…Maybe he will be a good influence on her BLOGGING!)

Watch for blogs and webinars from these guys and all of the trainers here and here!


Here we go!

Take a look on Therap’s website. The Certified Trainers’ schedule of webinars is beginning to grow and grow. Make sure you register!

Introduction to Therap’s Electronic “Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool” or eCHAT 03-11-2013

Implementing Therap’s MARs 04-15-2013

The Basics of Medical Appointments 04-17-2013

A Review of Reference Guides 05-13-2013

Behavior Tracking Basics 06-14-2013

Training Management System Basics 07-15-2013

Workarounds- Ins and Outs of Therap’s Modules and What You Need to Know 08-14-2013

ISP Programs, Setup, Data, Reports 08-23-2013



Weather Report: East Hanover, NJ

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Heather Collins, a Certified Trainer from Pendleton, OR

Foggy, chilly…but warmer than Fairbanks, Alaska (so Kristi is happy).

We have a bubbly two hundred plus group here at the Ramada running from room to room, floor to floor. Yesterday was end to end discussions, brainstorming, and training. I ended the day with all of the Certified Trainers (a rough crowd, for sure!).

Weather Report: East Hanover, NJ i WbHvbcX M

Are you certifiable? Weather Report: East Hanover, NJ icon smile

Wish you were here!




Day One (really!): East Hanover, NJ

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300 plus people from as far as Alaska and Hawaii and 32 other of the contiguous states.

Something like 120 sessions run…a Certified Trainer reception with fabulous laptop bags…Like Christmas prezzies for nerds.

A meeting with Alaskans into the late evening…and random loitering into the later evening with discussions about everything from Bernese Mountain Dogs to jail breaking OS devices.

And now, we will do it all again. Although my evening plans will be a little different tonight. Day One (really!): East Hanover, NJ icon wink