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Weather Report: Anaheim, California

Weather Report: Anaheim, California i 4rKDNJG M

The Anaheim conference is JAM-PACKED! This is the biggest California conference so far…over a hundred folks easily. I spent the morning talking provider administration, implementation, and caseloads and super roles. Normal morning for me. Weather Report: Anaheim, California icon wink

We have Kevin, Kitti, Heather, Deb, Joseph, and two fantastic certified trainers: the “Two Sues” from Independent Options, Sue Buffum and Sue Cole, are on hand for a few sessions as well.

Oh by the way, it is too hot. But we have A/C so I’ll make it!


Another Californian…

Another Californian... i pbcDZnf M

…moves to the nerd side!

Stan Higgins is the Executive Director of Oaks of Hebron.

This is what we know about Stan:

Stan has been the Executive Director of Oaks of Hebron, Inc., since 1998.  Oaks is a non-profit agency providing programs for adults with developmental disabilities in Supported Living, Adult Development, Residential Care for the Elderly, Transportation and Recreation.  Stan was instrumental in being one of the first agencies to bring Therap into the Sonoma County service area.

Prior to his work at Oaks of Hebron, Stan was in full time ministry at churches in both Central California and Southern Oregon.  He received his Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Ministry.

(Allison’s Note: But what about the M&Ms?????)




What a Journey!

What a Journey! i TfFwZRx M

Last week, I was in Salt Lake City. Ability and Choice had me hopping with lots of early-morning trainings. And then toward the end of the week, I spent some time discussing behavior tracking, ISPs, and Time Tracking, with the fine folks at RISE. It was great to see Ruth, Monica, and Lisa again, for sure! What a Journey! icon biggrin

This week so far has included the Dublin, California, Regional Conference. Dublin, as far as I can tell, is near San Francisco. I really am not sure where I am but the people here are super bright and enthusiastic. California has come a long way in several years; growing conferences, growing provider base, and some AWESOME certified trainers like Tammy Rystrom who was instrumental to the success of this conference. Brilliant, she is!!

What a Journey! i dvSQCvJ M

And lastly but not leastly…Deb Hibbard, my colleague from Maine, got married. I didn’t make it to the Northeast but am sending hugs and well wishes from hot, sunny California! Congrats, Mrs. Brito!

What a Journey! i Ngpsj2J M

More soon…from the wild, unpredictable Northwest!



California Dreamin’

California Dreamin i GPT9f6n L

Tammy Rystrom is the Executive Director of California Community Opportunities…and the latest to embrace her inner certifiable Therap nerd. Here is what Tammy has to say:

I have spent my entire adult career working in social services with most of that time spent working with adults with intellectual disabilities.  I spent twelve years working for Community Living Opportunities in Lawrence, Kansas as a Family Teacher, Program Manager and eventually, a Site Director and this was where I was first introduced to Therap.  In 2008, I accepted the position of Executive Director for California Community Opportunities (CCO) in San Jose, California.   CCO provides adults diagnosed with intellectual disabilities residential and day services.    Shortly after arriving in San Jose, I realized CCO really needed systems to be established and there was much work to be done to improve the company reputation.  Therap was my answer and we decided to “go big or go home” (as my daughter likes to say)!  We went paperless and have never looked back!

On a personal note, my husband, Mark and I are about to celebrate 25 years of marriage.  I have three daughters (ages 22, 13, 11) and one son (age 20).  In my spare time (which is very spare!), I love to read and am working on writing a book.  And of course, I love learning new things about Therap!  I am looking forward to being a part of the Certified Trainer’s Group!

Webinars coming…keep a look out! And I’m all about it: GO BIG OR GO HOME!


Sue + Sue = 3!!

I’m in Anaheim, California. And, as usual, the conference is awesome.

We have two new Californian Certified Trainers to add to the wild and woolly herd of geeks. And, that makes THREE trainers in California and they are all from the SAME agency: Independent Options.

Nerds. All of them. But especially Summer. And Sue. And Sue…

Sue + Sue = 3!! i TDHgGs9 M

Here’s a little about Sue #1, Sue Buffum (she is automatically cool because she is a nurse and nurses are cool…the end):

Sue graduated from Nursing School in 1986 and has worked in ICU before moving into the field of Intellectual Disabilities.  Sue worked at two agencies serving individuals with intellectual disabilities, and has been with Independent Options since 1994, presently serving on the Board as Chief Operating Officer and as the director of Health Care Services.

On a personal note, Sue is a New York native, currently living in California.  She has been married to her husband Ben, for almost 25 years and has two adult sons, Brandon and Brian.  Sue has served on various volunteer groups and boards including her current role as secretary for the ICO board which serves individuals with disabilities. Sue loves God, family, country. She loves to travel, listen to a variety of music, and is a die-hard Giants fan……so go New York Giants!!!

Sue + Sue = 3!! i pVpdRzQ M

Here is some stuff about Sue #2, Sue Cole (she knows all about the new ISP Plan and that is cool):

Sue graduated from Valparaiso University in the 80s with a BSW and went to work as a Social Worker at Good Shepherd Lutheran Home for a couple of years.  From there she went to work with Independent Options in September 1987 and has been there ever since, starting her 27th year.  Sue has been a QIDP, Day Program Director and is currently the Director of Quality Enhancement.

On a personal note, Sue is a native Michigander, currently living in California.  She has been married to her husband Rick for almost 21 years and is the proud mother of one son, Jacob, who is in his second year at the United States Military Academy at West Point!  Go Army, Beat Navy!  She loves to travel, read and have fun! Life is always an adventure with Sue!  

Life is always an adventure with Certified Trainers. So stay tuned. Sue + Sue = 3!! icon biggrin


Weather Report: Sacramento, CA

Weather Report: Sacramento, CA i sXhQvrS M

70, sunny, and windy…

I’m with Brent in Sacramento with users from a bunch of California agencies like NorthStar, InAlliance, and California Community Opportunities. We are talking about the regional centers, about how the users are all doing their Therap documentation and discussing their standards and requirements.

Pictured above is an ISP built by Mark at Alegria that is a nice QA tool based on California rules but useful for lots of you out there…Have a look at it in the Global ISP Template Library.

More later. Weather Report: Sacramento, CA icon wink


…and now the first, very first of her kind…

...and now the first, very first of her kind... i MtcgTDn M

Summer is the FIRST certified trainer from California, representing California from top to bottom, side to side with her awesomeness. We will surely have to find some more California friendies for her so she doesn’t get lonely (I’ll get Kevin on that RIGHT NOW!)…

Summer started her career in the field of developmental disabilities 10 years ago as a psychology student at the University of North Carolina in Greensboro.  She started working for the Autism Society of North Carolina as a day program instructor and in-home support staff.  After graduating with her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology she moved to San Diego, CA, and became a QMRP.

Summer presently works for Independent Options, Inc., in Riverside, CA, as program director and administrator of a behavior modification day program. She also sits on the board of a local non-profit, Independent Choices and Options, whose focus is to enhance the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities in the community.  Independent Options became part of the Therap family in July of 2012 and Summer has taken the lead on implementation and training for her agency.

Summer shares her passion for helping others with her husband, Jason, who also works in the field of developmental disabilities. As a mother to Brady (her VERY energetic five year old son) and stepmother to a beautiful sixteen year old daughter, Alexis, Summer’s life outside of work is currently spent between karate classes, water polo games and sharing a love for football with her husband.

I plan on seeing Summer quite a bit this year as I’ll be headed to California for two conferences and a host of user groups!


User Groups

User Groups i SJccLZG M

When you are SUPER SMART, INNOVATIVE, GOOD LOOKING (remember that all Therap users are perceived as better looking by the general public; it is their aura of progressiveness that they wear like a nerdy shroud), and have SUPER HERO powers (really!), and then there is a group of likeminded and talented individuals within your general area, you have the glorious seeds for a USER GROUP, my friend.

This is what a user group is: A user group is when we invite all Therap users from a state or region to get together and discuss how they are doing with implementation, discuss any issues, as well as troubleshoot. This is often done online but we also like to do them in person when we can and when there are a good number of providers. We have found them to be good networking tools and they tend to help agencies who may be dragging in their implementation to move ahead, as they feel more supported by their local colleagues. (I wrote that so I know…)

The first of a bunch of user groups I have put together (and am putting together–it is a PROCESS you know!) is Alaska and it is tomorrow at 10AM AKDT. Sorry for the short notice but I’ve been a little busy over here!

There is also one for Washington and another for Oregon coming up on April 24. Watch for Arizona, Utah and Texas any minute…and then some California stuff, too. Some of them will be online and some onsite too…so watch for a glowing group of people descending on a local agency soon.

If you want information, get in touch with me: Allison DOT Dudo AT TherapServices DOT net. Got that? I can repeat it if you need….

Heading to Salem…yesterday was Eugene…Today, will catch up eventually. You guys have been blowing up my email and phone the past few days. If you are hunting for me, I’ll find you later today. Promise.

Hugs and Tlogs,


Get Your Nerd On!

Get Your Nerd On! 383624 10150427578888983 613188982 8510465 1700599977 n

Hello Therap Nerds,

You have a new toy to play with for the holidays. Early, I know, but fun nonetheless. The Beta is the working release of the impending new version due out in mid January 2012. You can use the login portal to use your own Therap system to play, as it is not real and is only a snapshot to allow testing.

You will login using the link below as normal but you will be in the Beta system (so you will need to enable new roles and such).Also, let me know if there is anything else you have wanted to experiment with and I can enable it for your agency’s Therap system at no cost, as it is not in the “real” or production database. This includes the MAR, for example, and new features such as Individual Care Plans.

Login here:

Review release notes here:

And please let me know if you need help. We are looking for suggestions, questions and feedback from all of you super smarty pants out there SO DROP US A LINE with anything notable–good, bad or indifferent.

PS: Check out the new live help system in 2012.0…it is shiny and right out of the box. We will be staffing it as much as we can for testing purposes as well!

***********Happy Holidays!


Weather Report: San Diego

Weather Report: San Diego i pwBrG4n M

Sunny, chilly…sparkly ceilings and Christmas carols.

Day One: Busy, busy, busy…with about a hundred of participants and many sessions. This is the first California conference and we have many new agencies here meeting one another, networking and learning about implementation. Home of Guiding Hands is here in force and have been very vocal about their work with Therap, as has California Community Opportunities which has gone entirely paperless!

Day Two is starting up right now with Kevin going through some new things in Therap.

And then we’re off!