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Adopt a (Wicked Good) Lobster

Adopt a (Wicked Good) Lobster i kkwBr7V M

The first day of the Maine conference went well. The Maine conference tends to be low-key and has been that way since its inception three (four?) years ago. Brent and Stacey are new to the Maine conference and have appeared to enjoy the local culinary culture: fresh lobster, clam chowder, mascarpone and basil ice cream…Brent will be on Food Network soon with his own “Drive Ins and Dives” (UPDATE: Brent just sent me this article and not only does HE not want to be acquainted with Guy Fieri, but neither do I–hate and omelets don’t work!) restaurant-foodie-nuts about food show for sure. Here’s Brent’s blog as well.

Deelight (the famous anti-nerd) also taught me a few lessons yesterday, including to always be careful when shaving. Adopt a (Wicked Good) Lobster icon biggrin

Deb and I had a couple errands to run yesterday afternoon and that is where I met Fred the Lobster.

Adopt a (Wicked Good) Lobster i rVKh875 M

Adopt a (Wicked Good) Lobster i 5X9jB92 M

Fred was in a tank, looking for a home, in WALGREEN’S PHARMACY. (Yes, really.) I always say lobsters  are ubiquitous in Maine but did not realize that I could pick up Claritin, deodorant and a few lobsters all at once. However, choose wisely–there are no refunds.

Adopt a (Wicked Good) Lobster i jhcJQ78 M

But, Maine-iacs tend to be practical and very smahhhht after all. Adopt a (Wicked Good) Lobster icon wink

PS: It’s been really nice to be here and reconnect with all of these people…if you’ve not been, make sure you make it up here someday. Seriously.  Oh, and remember to go to LL Bean. Still a rule.


The Newest…

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Jacki Sullenger, from Partnerships in Community Living (PCL), is the newest certified trainer by one hour! She is a behavior specialist (who is working on a plan for me! hey, it’s who you know…) and has been working with Therap for quite a while, given PCL is one of the earliest users in Oregon. She knows all about ISPs and you can ask her  when you see her in Fishkill

The Newest... 5408565538 b14722ec4c

Meanwhile, an hour earlier, from snowy Maine (that is why she is wearing a scarf!), Ame Drake gave me the rundown on Tlogs and GERs Uplift style. She is a House Administrator who runs a facility with some medically fragile folks. She will not be in New York this time around but she will show up at a conference or two in 2011!

Watch for a schedule of upcoming webinars hosted by the Therap Certified Trainers!!


Welcome, Misty!

Welcome, Misty! 5117606037 ba6e1f9392 z

Misty Maroon is the administrative assistant at Rainbow of Challenges (ROC) in Arkansas. ROC is an old-time Therap user–in Therap time, they have been users for about 1.5 hundred years–and they have sent their staff all over the country to our regional conferences, CDS Side-By-Side conferences, as well as the National Conference in Fishkill, NY.

Misty is our newest Certified Trainer who has some Therap chutzpah when it comes to Tlogs, GERs and SComm. So another smarty pants has been added to our growing list of folks from around the country who know all kinds of things about intellectual disabilities, documentation and the coolness of Therap.

Misty is feeling a little cold here in Maine, however…she thinks it is already winter. Maybe we should invite her back in January!!


Seeking Chris Vincent…

Seeking Chris Vincent... 5116859434 f04ca083a4 z

So, I ran into Amanda from Opportunity Enterprises and asked her why her boss, Chris Vincent, was not at the conference. (I ask this of someone at every Maine Conference regarding Chris.) And I asked Amanda to relay my message and express my dismay at her absence (maybe not so politely…). Chris responded in kind, calling me an old bag and telling me she hates Therap. You see, this is why she needs to be here–she adds some spice to things. However, she felt guilty, I know, as Amanda offered me a pen to soothe my hurt feelings…

Here is why I forgive Chris.

About two years ago, when Opportunity Enterprises began using Therap, they were brand new and had yet to secure funding for even one person. Amanda told me that they now support twenty five folks and just hired their fiftieth staff person. (Now, that is some serious growth.) They went from nothing–and a small room with a desk in it–to a handful of residential sites and a new office.

Chris has been busy.

Congratulations, Chris, to you and your staff for a really amazing accomplishment. Seeking Chris Vincent... icon biggrin

Sincerely, your favorite old bag…


Fresh out of the oven…

Fresh out of the oven... 4965428373 4d895d872a

The Maine schedule is up.

Have a look here!


Guess who is coming to Maine!

Guess who is coming to Maine! 4881628178 9686a18709 z

At the request of some Maine users, we have invited the College of Direct Support (CDS) to join us at our Regional Conference in Maine. The state of Maine has asked that providers use CDS for training their direct support staff so many agencies are looking for some help. We’re happy to help and have our friends, Donna and Annie, join us in Portland.

So come and get some training on Therap and also CDS. Watch for the schedule…I’ll try to have it up soon.

Click here to sign up.



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Stephanie Butterfield is giving a presentation on how she implemented the Therap system within Good Neighbors.  She is super-organized, so smart, and talked about how it has transformed their agency and their relationships with case managers and guardians.  She is very inspirational. Maine ia icon biggrin

She talked in detail about how it truly has opened the door for true, immediate interaction with families and guardians…Transparency has changed how they do all kinds of things.

I told her I’m stealing her presentation. She said okay…

(I love Maine)


Wicked Good!!

Wicked Good!! 4029704001 e1129941af

So, it has been a busy time here in Maine, although Kara, Kris and I slipped out to LL Bean last night after setting up the equipment.  Today, was awesome!  I saw lots of old friendies and have made some new ones and there are several brand new agencies here as well that are getting ready to start using Therap (and getting advice from the the old hats).

Excel  tips, beginners’ Tlogs, and Maine Incident Reporting…among a bunch of other sessions today.

Tons of pictures for a Maine slideshow that I’m putting together now, and off to a webinar with St. John’s Community Services until about 8pm tonight.

Phew. Wicked Good!! icon biggrin


Bright, Shiny and New

Bright, Shiny and New hopebuilding

My friends in Maine have a new website.

Check out the new Hope Association site here!


Maineiacs 3589768190 afe32d49ae

So, after a brief chat with LEAP during their Therap workshop, I received a mysterious text message…Who doesn’t love things like this?  A random number texting me and telling me something I don’t know!!…I’ll bet other companies don’t get people doing things like this…AND asking about Health Tracking via Facebook messages either!! Maineiacs icon biggrin