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Welcome, Julie!

The newest smarty pants to join Therap’s Certified Trainers hails from Cordova, Tennessee. Julie James is the Staff Development Coordinator for Guardian Community Living and she is awesome! Julie is a strong proponent of electronic documentation as she has a background in quality assurance. She knows what’s up (in other words)! Julie also has found that aside from being cool, Therap prevents mold (ask her when you see her…long story!).

Guardian is currently using both Therap and CDS and Julie is instrumental for their success. Welcome, Julie, and get blogging (on your new Mac)!


Every Seven…

I learned something new today during my morning session with CDS about implementation…Before I tell you that, let me tell you it was a blast hearing Jim, Donna, and Annie discussing how they implement their system and how they REALLY, REALLY overlap in how we do it.

Therap is more rigorous, however, as we tend to [necessarily] include every single program person in an implementation…so our plans are more detailed and include intensive training…BUT THE INTERESTING THING IS THIS:

For every seven people that use Therap, a tree is saved…

Richard figured that out.  I cannot even imagine the algorithm but just love it and love him for his tenacity in showing our GREEN-NESS.

Now, I’m listening to Jan (from WA), Bob (from KY), and Jon (from OH) running a Therap user panel and answering questions for new agencies. Louis is asking some questions. ;)

Today is the last day for TN…and some folks have gone already…but this has been an exceptional conference!!


End of Day One

After dinner and such, I met with folks who all had congregated in the tavern…They all expressed having had a long but exciting day and were very pleased with all that they were learning about Therap, CDS and all sorts of technologically based ideas and solutions…It’s great fun hanging around with these kind of people: bright, innovative, and open…More tomorrow!




Elizabeth and Myra

See you soon!


Tweeting, Yamming, Facebooking, and Therapin'

What an awesome day!  This morning, I was showing the system to new folks, reviewing Health Tracking, and then running a lunchtime session on “social networking” things like Facebook, Twitter, Yammer, Instant Messaging and blogging–all representative of the prevalence of technology in both fun things and more serious things like the reporting, documentation and educational tools with Therap and CDS.

Here are some of the sites we mentioned and looked at during that session as well (click on the links!):

Buzz Machine

Web Footed Friends

Second Life

Right now, I’m hanging out with Dustin and learning about Rest Assured who is sponsoring this conference!

After Hours!

I spent Monday catching up with things, helping set up and meeting all kinds of folks as we got ready for the 2nd Side-by-Side conference with The College of Direct Support down here in Tennessee.  And when all seemed safe, I was headed off to bed…but then my Blackberry rang.

Needless to say, I was kept up later than anticipated by a fun crew: Jim from CDS, Bob Tarrants (Rock on!) from Kentucky, and my Maine-iacs, Laurie and Trish from John F. Murphy Homes.

(Yawn!)…and now off to today where I get to talk about all kinds of things: introducing Therap to new users, Health Tracking, and…Twitter & Facebook with Bill Tapp!



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