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On The Road Again!

On The Road Again! i 59jrDtQ M

Make note of the upcoming ONSITE user groups! Note that all of them are being hosted by awesome agencies using Therap!

I will be emailing all users in the respective areas as well…so keep a look out…


Washington (Bellingham):
Date: June 22
Time: 9:30A
Location: Holly Community Services: 2620 N Harbor Loop Drive #2, Bellingham, WA
Washington (Kennewick):
Date: June 28
Time: 9:30A
Location: Tri-Cities Residential Services, 741 South Dayton Street, Ste. A, Kennewick, WA
Oregon (Pendleton):
Date: June 27
Time: 9:30A
Location: Pendleton City Hall, 500 SW Dorion Avenue, Pendleton, OR
(Thanks to Horizon Project for getting this space!!!)
Oregon (Salem):
Date: July 17
Time: 9:30A
Location: Catholic Community Services, 3737 Portland Road NE, Salem OR
Oregon (Eugene):
Date: August 6
Time: 9:30A
Location: Alvord-Taylor Independent Living Services, 72B Centennial Loop – Suite 200, Eugene, OR
Utah (Lindon):
Date: July 9
Time: 10A
Location: Alpine Adult Center, 350 N. State Street, Lindon, UT
Utah (St. George):
Date: July 11
Time: 9:30A
Location: Danville Services, 145 North 400 West, St. George, UT
Pack your bags and come see me. My assistant will be at many of these sessions. On The Road Again! icon smile


Utahhhhhhhhhhhh! i ZK22b4h M

I’m back in Utah (after I dared to take a few days off!) with Rachel and the Rise-inians!

They are already moving into Health Tracking, the MAR, and ISPs (‘cos they are speedy little Therapheads!).

Today, we’re in Lindon much of the day…and later on, I’ll be catching up so if you’ve been looking for me, you’ll find me in your inbox later (so pay attention)…


User Groups

User Groups i SJccLZG M

When you are SUPER SMART, INNOVATIVE, GOOD LOOKING (remember that all Therap users are perceived as better looking by the general public; it is their aura of progressiveness that they wear like a nerdy shroud), and have SUPER HERO powers (really!), and then there is a group of likeminded and talented individuals within your general area, you have the glorious seeds for a USER GROUP, my friend.

This is what a user group is: A user group is when we invite all Therap users from a state or region to get together and discuss how they are doing with implementation, discuss any issues, as well as troubleshoot. This is often done online but we also like to do them in person when we can and when there are a good number of providers. We have found them to be good networking tools and they tend to help agencies who may be dragging in their implementation to move ahead, as they feel more supported by their local colleagues. (I wrote that so I know…)

The first of a bunch of user groups I have put together (and am putting together–it is a PROCESS you know!) is Alaska and it is tomorrow at 10AM AKDT. Sorry for the short notice but I’ve been a little busy over here!

There is also one for Washington and another for Oregon coming up on April 24. Watch for Arizona, Utah and Texas any minute…and then some California stuff, too. Some of them will be online and some onsite too…so watch for a glowing group of people descending on a local agency soon.

If you want information, get in touch with me: Allison DOT Dudo AT TherapServices DOT net. Got that? I can repeat it if you need….

Heading to Salem…yesterday was Eugene…Today, will catch up eventually. You guys have been blowing up my email and phone the past few days. If you are hunting for me, I’ll find you later today. Promise.

Hugs and Tlogs,


What is that Therap thing anyway?

What is that Therap thing anyway? i LhWW95X L

So, after a week with Rise, and driving a million miles a few hundred miles, I ended back up in Lindon, UT, with Ron and Cheridy, and a group of very bright and funny staff.

They are going live March 1st (as is Rise)…making Utah firmly Therap territory. They also are building a new website and Therap is featured on the front of it: WHAT IS THERAP?…ah, so many things. Who can define such a thing???

What is that Therap thing anyway? i HSZDNj5 M

Today, I’m back home in rainy Washington with a pug on my foot. And tomorrow, I’ll go see Homes for Community Living right here in Vancouver!

And that, my friends, is a good thing.


Everything from A to Zion

Everything from A to Zion i Hp2XpPJ M

I drove the 300 miles from northern Utah down to St. George, where the thirty nine degrees and clouds sprang to sunny skies and sixty three degrees. A far cry from twenty below a few weeks ago!!

St. George is a great place and as you get closer, the mesas appear alongside the highway in colors unimaginable: rust, red, yellow and even purple…their history very clear in their striations. I couldn’t get a picture, though, as I was driving too fast. There is no lollygagging in Utah; the posted speed limit is 80 mph so you’d better just keep going! Sorry for the uninspired picture.

I’m waiting on Rachel and tomorrow, we do some more training for Rise Utah. And then after that, tomorrow night, I turn around and do the 4.5 hour drive again in the other direction! I’m seeing Alpine Center on Friday in Lindon! Phew!


On the Rise again

On the Rise again i 7x6Bt76 M

So, after a week in Seattle, a five hour ride home (never, ever try to get out of Seattle on a Friday afternoon!), and then a whole day in Vancouver, I hit the road again and headed for Salt Lake City. Rise Services and Rise Family Services is beginning their implementation process for all of Utah (and Arizona). Rachel is the one leading the way (as Angie did in Oregon) and that is no small feat given the size of Rise and the fact that they are spread all over the state!

Yesterday, management training and a lengthy meeting with Rachel and then today, much of the same with more of their administrative staff here in Lindon, UT.

I really like Utah and I’m reminded of that during every visit. There is something very peaceful and settled in its mountains and deserts…

More soon.


TURN Community Services :: Exemplary in So Many Ways

TURN Community Services :: Exemplary in So Many Ways i w5jzwhm M

TURN was the first Utah provider to use Therap. They are spread out from top to bottom of the state (and I know it!) with many staff members.

My friend, Eddie, just shared a video on Facebook regarding their Exemplar Program for DSPs.You will see his video on the right hand side of the page. It is very cool.

I thought many of you may find this interesting…and maybe an inspiration to fire up a similar program for your agency.



Welcome, Jeana Forthman!

Welcome, Jeana Forthman! i CD7NP9m L

Jeana wins with best photo. There have been no other Certified Trainers dressed as a character from Star Wars.

Jeana does IT, quality assurance, and all kinds of things at Phoenix Services Corporation in Utah. She is uber-smart (like Big Bang Theory kind of smart); like SQL server, Crystal Report kinda nerd smart. She is out of my league–I aspire to that level of geekiness.

I can’t wait for her webinars and blogs. Quantum Therap?….Maybeeeee….


Utah’s FIRST Certified Trainer!

Utahs FIRST Certified Trainer! i RL2H55x M

Ann Myers is the Rep Payee Specialist at Columbus Community Center. She is also Utah’s first full-fledged Therap nerd. Utahs FIRST Certified Trainer! icon biggrin

Utahs FIRST Certified Trainer! Logo 1

She is the overall Therap guru, their ISP goddess, and is a personal finance whiz who is not half bad with Excel. Watch for her upcoming webinar on Personal Finance and Excel (I will surely be there to listen in and see her spreadsheet wizardry!). I first met Ann last year in Utah and then spent time with her at our national conference in New York…where she attended a lot all of my sessions….

Welcome, Ann! I am proud to be stalked by you!


Day One: Salt Lake City…

Day One: Salt Lake City... i K7M5KD9 M

Day One: Salt Lake City... i M5CTwhV M

The conference is awesome. I really do just like all these people so much. They are enthusiastic and inquisitive and they tend to cut right to the chase. ‘Nuff said. We had a bunch of sessions with all the new Therap-heads training and I have become reacquainted with a few of my “stalkers” (thanks, Logan Meeks, for pointing this out!). Maybe I’ll start a cult. I mean, I have to plan for the future…a Therap kibbutz in Utah…who’d have thunk it?

Day One: Salt Lake City... i SdSzQTt M

Day One: Salt Lake City... i q6hP4n9 M

Day One: Salt Lake City... i nMv2XVP M

Aside from awesomeness and joy, the end of the day was marked by a very sad event. Steve Jobs, Apple’s former CEO, died of pancreatic cancer. He was only 56. The blogs, Twitter and the ‘Net were instantly saturated with articles about his life, and his impact on the business and technology worlds. All I know is that I felt very saddened by the news as someone truly brilliant and innovative went away way too soon. He definitely made me look at technology differently over the past couple of years, and regardless of your feelings regarding Apple, there is no doubt that he changed the face of technology and the world.

Day One: Salt Lake City... i v7SSMFB M

From the iPad event in San Francisco, Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2010. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)

He definitely also changed some of the lives using that technology, including mine.

Bye, Steve.