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Therap National Provider Administrator Conference, Nov 28-30 2007

November 28-30, 2007
Southbury, Connecticut

Therap’s first Provider Administrator Conference was held on November 28-30, 2007 at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Connecticut. The goal of the conference was to provide an opportunity for Provider Administrators to learn how they can efficiently setup and manage the Therap system to handle the day to day documentation, reporting and communication needs of the agency and share their ideas with Therap. Around 50 Provider Administrators from different agencies across different states participated in this conference to make it a success.

The conference included discussion sessions on the different Therap modules. There were detailed discussions on topics such as Caseloads and Super Roles, GERs and Management Summaries, ISPs and Billing, among others. There was an event on games where all the participants divided into different teams and tried to see how many points each of them could score on walkabouts. There was also a session on the relationship between government and private providers and how Therap can impact it, and a discussion on policies and procedures from agencies who share information with families.

The evening entertainment was provided by Jack and Lisa Edwards and others from Fountainhead Production on the first day of the conference. On the second day of the conference, the evening presentation included an overview of Therap’s work in Bangladesh and Nepal. The goal was to share a different culture and know more about the Therap office in Bangladesh. The conference was concluded by certificate being awarded to all the participants on the conference.