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Therap Conference for People with Disabilities & their Circle of Support in South Plainfield, New Jersey, May 7-8, 2014

How to Access your I/DD Health Records in Therap

A two day event designed to personalize the use of computers in order to aid self-advocates and those who support them access their electronic health records and communicate their goals and ambitions using the web.

Three tracks for self-advocates, family members, and agency staff:

Self-Advocates/People with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities:

  • Round table discussion with other advocates on how they use computers
  • Hands on activities using computers and the internet
  • Tips on using computers and technology for self-advocating
  • What to share with others and why or why not

Circle of Supports/Parents/Family Members/Guardians:

  • Hands on activities using computers and the internet
  • Using technology to access documentation and expressing thoughts
  • Confidentiality rules and regulations
  • Family Members’ responsibilities in respecting agency needs
  • Tips and discussion about effective communication using technology
  • Now that you have access, what do you do with it?

Agency Staff:

  • Round table discussions on security and access concerns
  • Facing facts, fears, and myths about communication with self-advocates/family
  • Agency policies to be considered
  • Discussion – What to give Access to and related issues
  • How staff are to work with Families and Self Advocates who use Therap
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Registration Fee: $127
Register by April 3, 2014 for the Early
Bird Discount and pay only $98 per attendee.
Click here to register for this event

For those enrolled in our Points Program, contact us
to check if you qualify for a waiver or further discounts
on conference fees, hotel fares or air fare.

Information Flyer
Preliminary Schedule (in black & white)

Venue & Accommodations:
Holiday Inn
4701 Stelton Road,
South Plainfield, New Jersey 07080