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Things I’ve learned

Its been just over a year since I made the long trip to the main office in Connecticut to begin my first day working with Therap services. Over the last year I’ve gleaned some knowledge…some from my colleagues, some from you guys, and some from my travels…I figured I’d share some of these lil’ nuggets with you.

-When traveling on this side of the globe never change your time zone. (its the only time I can wake up at 4 am without having heart palpitations the night before)

-Mac’s rule!

-Firefox is my fave

-Blizzards in the Midwest are a little different then the blizzards in Maine. (they actually close the highways in the Midwest!)

-Traveling with 4 Bangladesh colleagues¬† in a blizzard can lead to some humorous exclamations. “sigh….lets go out and enjoy the cold…!”

-Whenever you travels bring you to West Virginia you can count on something epic occurring.

-Google is a great search engine for finding good coffee shops.

-Java Joe’s in Albuquerque NM is on my list of most fave coffee shops in the U.S.

-of course Java in Houghton, NY is THE best….

-Delta airlines is a little too attached to their special red carpet. Really?

-Southeast Works in Buffalo NY is FABULOUS….you should all learn from this stellar agency!

-I do not love driving through the eastern edge of North Dakota.

-Commuters on the NY subway will stop and help you when your tugging 4 suitcases full of computers behind you. YAY! for those very helpful people!

-Your use of Therap is only bound by your creativity and ability to think outside of the box.

-There is actually an Applebee’st in Williston, ND…not just the sign. (I haven’t forgotten Tony!)

-Every state has its own set of vernacular.

-Every provider agency has an interpretation of their states policies.

-Friendships from college never change.

-Visiting Madison Cortland usually means I get to hang out with one of my (old!) college friends ;)    See above photo.

-Kathy Lange is a trooper, and everyone else at Creative Community Living! lots of training sessions in one er…for two days straight! They work hard there!

-Therap has some amazing people working for them.

-I have some great colleagues I get to learn from.

-Sybil Morin is crazy funny! Lifeshare is lucky to have her and she does a great job managing in so many states.

-what constitutes “manly cup of coffee”…(ask Chris)

-Things are BIG in North Dakota!

-I love seeing this sign in Portland Maine when I arrive home:

- When the day is done there is no place like home (Maine).

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Deb Hibbard joins Therap Services with many years of experience in the developmental disabilities and mental health fields including several years of experience working with at risk adolescents.

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