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Archive for February, 2008

Biz Site – Behind The Scenes

Today marks the birth of Therap Services new “Biz Site” and what better than to celebrate the realization of yet another milestone.

We started working on some preliminary concepts, and allowed brainstorming to get the better of us (which by the way aided us in visualizing how we wanted the site to look like and how it can serve its purpose). Albeit just like any other projects it too had its share of changes, alterations along the way. We have posted one of the many sketches/doodles for now and will upload some more later.

Initial concept for the

What Color Are You Today?

Ah yes! Really, what color are you today? No, we are serious! While you ponder on that thought we’d like to show you our blog’s banner (in its initial stage).

Design Blog's banner - Initial concept


They say a picture is worth a thousand words (referring to the banner above), and well…we do our part to express what Therap Services has to offer in the form of shapes and colors (which brings us to the point for the existence of this blog).

Think of this as a portal into our world where we “the design think-tank” discuss on recent Therap events and “what’s new”, share design ideas, tips and tricks just to name a few. That wraps up some of the core functions of this blog but yes, feel free to suggest ideas and ways we as a design team can help Therap. Oh right, so, have you found out the color yet?

A Thank You Note…

The Design Team is pleased to announce the release of Therap Services new “Biz Site.” The site is an extension of Therap Services visions and goals, and this could not have been possible with out the support and cooperation of the various teams that are part of the Therap family. We would like to extend our gratitude to our US Team which includes Richard, Warren and Justin, the teams from Bangladesh which includes the entire Content Team, SQA Team and last but not least the members of the Design Team.