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Archive for May, 2008

New on DSP on Planet Ehtpar – Taking a closer look at Therap General Event Report

We are pleased to bring you the latest version of our 3D training game named DSP on Planet Ehtpar, which sports all new training levels, enhanced look and feel and changes based on our user feedback. Thanks to everyone for their support and constructive criticism which helped us make a even better training tool. We mentioned in our first release that this training game will evolve over the period as we add more features into the game.

The game traveled a long way from version 0.0.6 to the latest one 0.0.8. To highlight some new areas or levels in the game, here are some screenshots.

Several new tasks, real-life scenarios and decision making situations have been implemented in this release. The game now focuses on training users how to report incidents using appropriate choices from the Therap General Event Report (GER) module. Users are placed in real-life decision making scenarios, like in case of fire breaks out what should be done under certain circumstances. Like this, there are several more scenarios or situations which the player has to deal with – which ultimately training the player to use Therap GER feature properly to document events and also at the same time practice making proper choices within a limited amount of time.