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Archive for June, 2008

Therap at NSU IT Fair 2008

North South University’s Computer Club organized an IT Fair here at one of Dhaka’s largest convention center. The two day long fair aptly named NSU IT Fair 2008 drew quite a good number crowd from various walks of life. The visitors of the fair included mostly university graduates, freshers, job-seekers, IT specialists and entrepreneurs, just to name a few. The fair comprised of various established IT firms from around the capital city. Internet service providers, software development companies, logistic support providers and business solution experts were among the many categories of firms that were present there. Most of them were there either to market their business solutions, or mainly to broadcast themselves to potential customers.

We were lucky to get the very first booth and that too was placed just after the entrance to the fair. The best part was that everyone visiting the fair could not help, but notice us. I should add that our bright and lively banners did nothing less than arouse their curiosity. There were mainly two groups of people that visited our stall. One group was who knew about Therap beforehand and wanted to learn more. They had questions ranging from recruiting and our operations to how we work and what technologies we use. The other group was the one who met us for the first time or heard about us from other sources. They were quite interested in what we do and were not afraid to ask questions.

We were busy handing out flyers and catalogs which I would say worked out quite well. At day’s end we were quite satisfied with the responses we received.

:: Dhanad ::

Therap and National Database Project for People with Disabilities

Therap recently signed a MOU with some NGO’s and the Government of Bangladesh to create a national database for people with disabilities. This pilot project is the first step that will assist in formulating national policies for people with disabilities. Once under operation, the project will aim to collect data from various districts across Bangladesh.

We here at Therap’s Design Team are proud to be a part of this project as we were involved in engineering the entire user interface for the software. The information used in the interface were directly translated from a paper based form. We worked together with the Training and Implementation Team to make sure everything in terms of content was in proper order.

The following screens are still in its initial stage and the final product may differ in terms of content and layout.

:: Dhanad ::

DSP on Planet Ehtpar (version 0.1.0) – Better than ever !

DSP on Planet Ehtpar version 0.1.0 has been released on the first week of June and as always it went through several fixes, tweaks and optimization. That’s not all, the game now boasts all new features such as ability to select any of the four in-game characters or virtual DSPs. Apart from the mainstream training levels there are several mini-games to play around with. In-game cinematics are now highly optimized for faster loading times. Most levels are now equipped with hints in case you forget what to do in certain scenarios or situations. If you have played DSP on Planet Ehtpar before then you will almost instantly feel the enhancements made to certain areas of the game.