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Archive for October, 2008

Automated Training

We at Therap are constantly researching and looking to push the envelope when it comes to developing the next generation training materials and guides for our Therap application. We, the Design Team have been working together with the Training and Implementation Team for some time now and we are excited to bring you our latest training system. We call it “Automated Traning”.

In the past we had various types of training systems like the popular training game known as DSP on Planet Ehtpar, along with bundles of walkthroughs, e-quizes just to name a few. We basically took the best parts from each of our previous approaches and added some interesting new elements. The new Automated Training Tutorial covers topics such as Health Tracking, T-Log. The goal is to provide a more effective learning experience for the users.

The links to the automated training are


Full list of Automated Training

We hope you find our new training approach helpful and we would love to hear your thoughts and how we can make the automated training to suit your needs.


health tracking

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