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Archive for November, 2008

Therap Splash Comic !

We have been working on a small comic strip for the Therap’s splash page. The idea behind using comic strips on a splash page is to provide useful information in a more entertaining way to the Therap users when they log on to the system. The strip focuses on where to find the webinars in case one has missed the session or just want to know more about the various Therap modules.

We sat down and brainstormed few interesting ideas and how our characters might look like. We wanted to add some personality to the characters. The most fun part was coming up with their facial expressions. We wanted to add one character who is considered to be the “Therap Know It All” and is always there with a smile and ready to help you out. There are few more characters that we are working on and cant wait to show them to you. Do let us know how you like the idea of having useful tips on the splash page in the form of comics.

Note: Click on the images to view them in their original size

webinar comic pencil

webinar comic color