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Archive for December, 2009

Health and IT

“… the data being “somewhere in the system” is no more useful than your keys being “somewhere in your apartment” when you’re already late for work.”
Roderick McMullen

The author mentioned above, wrote an article for Maya recently (Oct 18, 2009) about the need for good design when it comes to Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Maya is a design research/consultancy institute that help tech companies get the best results in terms of user experience.

While reading, I couldn’t help but compare with Therap.

EMR under the Obama government is a major requirement in the pursuit of improving health care. Without EMR, doctors are missing vital information like side effects of a drug, which could lead to adverse errors, and increased spending on everyone’s part.

So by introducing EMRs, we have something to contain the data that doctors need and it’ll be readily available. But its proven that even then, errors do happen because of badly designed systems, which makes making errors while reading data easy!

The article opines that a majority of EMR systems originate from the needs and wants of insurance companies, or billing issues, and the aspect of information systems for improving the care provided by the health institute is only addressed later.

Here, is the first advantage of Therap. Its journey started with and is continuing strongly, in the attempt to improve the quality of care an agency provides. When a form or a report is designed, its analysed and reviewed for faster data entry, and for preventing documentation errors, and reading errors. There are a number of ways to achieve these and the people of the Usability Garage take part in ensuring that the end result produces a good user experience, and through this Garage here, we present it to the users to get their feedback about it.

Additionally, we are reaching out to users through email, or personally during our conferences, user groups or by phone. Our users are also wonderful people who are very active and give us great suggestions that help elevate the level of services Therap provide.

Health Tab & Conference Schedule Splash

Splash: Health Tab on Dashboard

Splash: Health Tab on Dashboard

Splash: Conference Schedule Fishkill, NY 2010

Splash: Conference Schedule Fishkill, NY 2010

Acid3 Browser Test

Lets start by explaining what is an Acid Test, its a small application that gives scores to browsers on web standards. Acid3 is the third in the series and is primarily testing specifications for “Web 2.0″ dynamic Web applications. Also there are some visual rendering tests, including web fonts etc. Enough of technical stuff, all we need to know is higher the score better it is….

So here are the scores for you -

  1. Firefox 3.5 = 93/100
  2. Google Chrome 3.0 = 100/100
  3. Safari 4.0 = 100/100
  4. Opera 9.2 = 47/100
  5. Internet Explorer 6.0 = 12/100
  6. Internet Explorer 7.0 = 13/100
  7. Internet Explorer 8.0 = 20/100

Test your browser now

Despite the score, IE remains a very popular browser, much to the virtue of it being shipped with every copy of Windows. Every other browser needs to be obtained and installed. We sure do hope IE will improve even further in the coming future. As far as I can remember Firefox 2.8 used to score something around 63, now they have improved that and getting closer to 100. Opera’s score was a bit disappointing. Being the most criticized product of Google, Chrome still scored perfect 100 along with Safari as both of them use WebKit engine.

Chrome and Safari will to most users seem a faster browser, and it could prove that following the web standards do bring benefits in the overall browsing experience.

“live long and prosper”

Therap, YouTubing

Google has already had an impact on language, quite common to hear someone say “Google it!”. As of yesterday, I have been saying things like “YouTube it”, or “YouTubing”, and that is so because Therap does have a YouTube page, and lately, we’ve been updating it and using it more then ever. Everyones welcome to go pay a visit and share their thoughts on our videos, our training, and our services and do share with your friends too.