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Archive for February, 2010

From Fishkill, 3rd National PA Conference!

Helo, to all visiting Therapians.
If anyone’s noticed, we didn’t color the hotel orange this time around with our banners, only the orange front desk stands! However, this time around we have again come up with a T-Girl – Justin double team plenary opening session! Heres a video of T-Girl from there!

And we’ve been sitting on a rap by Jeremy, Richard’s son, for a long time, thinking of a video for it where T-Girl could breakdance. Finally, we’ve done something and we’re dying to show it to people. Its already on our Facebook page and Youtube.

We are also opening up a contest to have our users make some videos of their own! We’d have them upload to us, and then we have a prize for the video that gets the most views! So, get on your phone cams, or if you have a proper camera then good, but more importantly think about what you want the video to be about! Our theme is “My Therap Video”. So, it can be rants about how you love Therap, to something a lot more critical like how it allowed you to save costs with the move to electronic records, to anything else you might want to tell others about Therap! Check out the My Therap Video site for details, and to upload your videos.

Image showing My Therap Video Contest Banner