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Archive for November, 2010

Holiday Season Coming Soon!

Anyone read that and go “Yay”?

Well, the design team is at work to get Therappers nice lil web-card to get you in the season’s mood. We absolutely salute everyone in this industry working hard and hope everyone has a delightful time in the coming year and the holidays before it. Currently we’re wondering whether to go with a snowman or just candy!

Also getting into the holiday spirit is SUS (Services for the UnderServed ), an agency in New York City. They have started raise an amount of money to buy holiday gifts for all 3,500 New Yorkers they serve! The site they set up for this collection is really nice and I’d like you all to visit if possible.

SUS NY's drive to raise money for Gifts! Happy Holidays Everyone!

The design team is very impressed with the design of the site, and especially the map that shows the people who contributed from NYC using stars in the locations they are from (right side of the image above). If you are organizing anything to make sure everyone has a happy holiday, share it with us!



How will a modern touch screen keyboard look like? Will it look like the 8pen? I was looking for keyboard alternative in Android market place, when I came across this. I liked it and thought of sharing it with all of you.

So watch the video and if you have Android 1.6 or higher give it a try.