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Or, Ctrl-F?

If you are using a Windows PC, knowing this saves a lot of time. Whenever you are using their File Manager or Internet Explorer, pressing down the Ctrl key, and then pressing down the F key at the same time brings out the Search window.

Using Therap requires you using the browser and you might be looking at a long list somewhere or a pretty long form. You can use this combination of Ctrl and F also on your browsers to bring out their search facility. They can be pretty handy when going through long lists and forms! If you know you want to access the Review or Comment portion of a General Event Report (yes, be sure the word is there in the form, and you have to make sure you type it in right), you could Ctrl-F and type in the word “Comment” and hit Enter and the browser will take you down to where that word appears. If the word you are looking for appears more than one time, like 3 “John”s in a user list, you could click F3 and the browser will move to the next appearing match, and so on till you get to the right one. However it can’t help you if the word doesn’t appear on the page itself. When dealing with lists, it best to check if there is a second page to it, page numbers appear either above or below a list.

Firefox users can fortunately take this further, and this is something I personally use a lot. Go to the Tools > Options > Advanced, and look under the General tab. If you check the box beside “Search for Text When I Start Typing”, from then on, you wouldn’t even have use Ctrl-F to search on your Firefox browser! Any time you are on any webpage, simply start typing and the browser will look for tha word on the page and take you there! You can learn about more Firefox fun things from their pages.

Hope this helps!

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