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Archive for October, 2011

The Break from the Holiday

Every now and then, the design team gets a chance to take a break from the tasks related to support materials or marketing stuff like catalogs or fliers. These are the holidays! If you browse around the site you will find a splash for Christmas or Hanukkah. This year, we did our first Puja card. Puja is a Hindu occasion for prayer, and a week ago, it was time for Durga Puja which is a week long prayer. Many of Dhaka city’s fields are decorated and special houses are built for the deities and the people who will come for prayer. Our card features the likeness of Durga, and she is the center of this puja as you can tell by the name! Here are our two designs.

Splash: Upcoming Event at Minnesota for Providers

Splash sent to the Application to inform users about this event

Our conferences are generally useful for all our existing customers, plus those who wish to learn about our services. Since the splash goes out to those currently using the system, the design and style of it is to provide a lot more information about the training that will help their staff ease into Therap’s software system.

On the other hand, for reaching those who might be interested in getting to know Therap or trying it out, we try other styles.

Message on our official website reaching out to DD service providers and professionals