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Little Trip to India!

Since I got my Android phone, I’ve been obsessed with the panaroma picture mode on the camera! I just know I have to calm down and select the subjects more carefully. On my recent trip to India, I do believe I did that well! :)

The house of Rabindranath Thakur (Tagore to the world) now turned museum

The Red Fort in Delhi, the capital of India, the once capital of the Moghul King Shah Jahan, more known for the construction of the Taj Mahal.
The Red Fort in Delhi, the capital of India, the once capital of the Moghul King Shah Jahan, more known for the construction of the Taj Mahal.

DSP Recognition Week Coming Up

Whereas last September, we had DSP recognition week, this year it seems a lot of states are moving towards making it a month! We’ll have to come back soon with some designs that also show our appreciation of these wonderful people who do an extremely good job throughout the year of making a difference in the lives of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Our design from last year >


DSP Week’s Message

Agencies all across USA have celebrated the heroes of the disability industry – the direct support professionals or DSPs. We had also wanted to show our respect and the design team prepared a graphic that we put up on our site to salute the DSPs.

Graphic for saluting DSPs during the DSP recognition week

TRC (from New York) who is a long time Therap user has also created a video that they spread around their agency using SComms to mark the week:

Feel free to share how your agency celebrated the week on our Facebook page.

If you would like to download a larger version of the image we created saluting DSPs, click here (actually, right-click, and then select the option to save link or target)

Holiday Season Coming Soon!

Anyone read that and go “Yay”?

Well, the design team is at work to get Therappers nice lil web-card to get you in the season’s mood. We absolutely salute everyone in this industry working hard and hope everyone has a delightful time in the coming year and the holidays before it. Currently we’re wondering whether to go with a snowman or just candy!

Also getting into the holiday spirit is SUS (Services for the UnderServed ), an agency in New York City. They have started raise an amount of money to buy holiday gifts for all 3,500 New Yorkers they serve! The site they set up for this collection is really nice and I’d like you all to visit if possible.

SUS NY's drive to raise money for Gifts! Happy Holidays Everyone!

The design team is very impressed with the design of the site, and especially the map that shows the people who contributed from NYC using stars in the locations they are from (right side of the image above). If you are organizing anything to make sure everyone has a happy holiday, share it with us!


Do you want to Link to Therap?

If your agency is using Therap, and you would like to put a link to Therap’s website from your agency’s website, or internal site, you can select from a bunch of Therap images and animations we’ve designed for that purpose. Below are some samples, but to see the full range of choices and to get the code for them, visit this page.

Therap Services LLC. Therap Services LLC. Therap Services LLC. Therap Services LLC. Therap Services LLC.

Also, if you’re putting on links, you might also think of joining our Points Program whereby you can earn points for putting a link to our site! The site will tell you of the benefits you will receive from joining the program and other details. View Site

Add a little Flair in your life

Started by one of our very own Therapite, the fascination for getting hold our very own Therap flair has since been growing. We are absolutely in love with these little gems. If you want one for yourself then all you have to do is have your own Facebook profile and search for “Therap” by visiting Pieces of Flair page.

Therap's Flair Collection

Lefty n Righty

Our training games developer Tashlima shared a nice article with the team this morning. The piece was about “Understanding Your Brain for Better Design: Left vs. Right

All of us in the team jumped right in to find out which part of ours play the more dominant role in our thinking and design process (for fun’s sake). Oh just in case you were wondering, we use both sides of our brain i.e the left and the right hemisphere but which side plays a more dominant role dictates how we perceive things around us. If I were you I’d take some time to click the link to the article mentioned above :) Its worth a read and plus taking the quiz (end of the article) can help give you some insight on how it all works :)

Just to give the gist, the left brain is said to handle organization and logic while the right brain depends on visual markers or look for visual references as information. Oh, just thought I’d post how we (design team) scored after taking the Right Brain vs Left Brain Creativity Test.

Design Team's score


T-Girl visits Oregon

Well, so did I, someone had to take her there… she didn’t know the way.

We are right now with Allison at Oregon working on training staff at an agency there. The design guys are working everyday to put in lil improvements, little additions to make it better everyday. We had T-Girl run a class of people through creating their Therap accounts and that was cool. The coolest moment was the first time when T-Girl says “Click on Secure Login..”, and the whole class did so!

Picture of Allison and T-Girl doing training

Testing will continue and the possibilities are great! Pretty soon, agencies might be able to train their own staff using our automated training … maybe we’ll put it on a CD or people could download them. Existing versions of Automated Training (which currently includes: T-Logs (for shift notes, narrative documentation, etc.), GERs (Incident reports, medication errors, etc.), Health Tracking, and SComms (Our secure mailing system which is HIPAA compliant!)) we created earlier so use to learn about Therap on your own are available here.


Splash: Season's Greeetings! 2008

Splash: TherapChristmas '08

Design By Dhanad


Therap Splash Comic !

We have been working on a small comic strip for the Therap’s splash page. The idea behind using comic strips on a splash page is to provide useful information in a more entertaining way to the Therap users when they log on to the system. The strip focuses on where to find the webinars in case one has missed the session or just want to know more about the various Therap modules.

We sat down and brainstormed few interesting ideas and how our characters might look like. We wanted to add some personality to the characters. The most fun part was coming up with their facial expressions. We wanted to add one character who is considered to be the “Therap Know It All” and is always there with a smile and ready to help you out. There are few more characters that we are working on and cant wait to show them to you. Do let us know how you like the idea of having useful tips on the splash page in the form of comics.

Note: Click on the images to view them in their original size

webinar comic pencil

webinar comic color