Solutions for Developmental Disability Providers

Therap Services is an online software service that provides secure, HIPAA Compliant documentation, reporting and communication for I/DD provider agencies. The Therap system features applications that staff use to document supports provided to individuals with integrated billing options as well as tracking employment, staff training, staff schedules and a variety or other services.
Therap also provides extensive support in setting up and handling the transition to electronic documentation, and has lots of great online tools for training staff to use Therap.

HIPAA v5010 Electronic Billing

Federal compliance requirements in effect from January 1, 2012

Effective January 1, 2012, providers of developmental disability services are required by a federal mandate to use the HIPAA Version 5010 standard for electronic claim transactions. We are pleased to announce that Therap’s Electronic Billing system has been successfully upgraded to support Version 5010 compliance requirements.

Click here to download a summary of the changes in the latest version. This will provide you with the information you need to make a smooth transition to v5010 Electronic Billing.

If you have questions, please contact us.

Secure Communication

Therap Automated Communication Module

Therap’s Secure Communication (SComm) module has been designed to facilitate the exchange of information among co-workers in a secure, HIPAA compliant way. Using SComm, staff members within an agency can exchange confidential information on administrative, personal or individual care related issues. Users can also contact and communicate with Therap Customer Support for sensitive PHI issues.

SComm is easy-to-use with general e-mail features like Compose, Reply, Reply to All and Forward. Internal reports from within the Therap system including ISP and Individual Data, as well as external documents can be attached to an SComm message. SComm messages have additional attributes such as notification level, purpose, type and topic. SComm has a flexible recipient selection scheme that allows users to select multiple recipients based on user names, or a combination of super roles and programs. You can create custom user groups and send messages to a selected group of users. You can also create and manage personalized folders of your choice.

Find out more about Secure Communications.

Recorded User Group Webinar

Iowa User Group Meeting – March 28, 2016

Iowa User Group Meeting – July 18, 2016

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