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Garden of Success in Blue Springs, MO Gets Ready to Go

This week I was with the staff at Garden of Success.  This agency is in Blue Springs, MO and offers services in the KC Metro area.  Garden is led by Executive Director, Patrice Dumas. 

Take a moment to find out a little more about the newest member to get rolling in the Midwest with Therap.

G.O.S. LLC is a care providing agency designed to care for individuals with cognitive, mental and physical disabilities. The program is for those who do not possess the independent living skills required for successful living in a less structured community setting, but do not require the level of nursing home, psychiatric and behavioral interventions provided by an inpatient facility. The program focuses on independent living skills, social skills and self-care required for placement  in a less restrictive community setting. Oversight  is provided 24 hours per day. Services include independent living skills training, recreation,vocational training, medication management and case management.  


The Mission of G.O.S. LLC  Is to provide a safe and clean environment which fosters both personal and interpersonal growth in the areas of:  

  • Communication
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Socialization
  •  Daily Living Skills in a community based setting.


G. O.S.  LLC is an organization of caregivers who loves people. We emphasize when we say, “It takes special people to take care of special needs people.”  We want to make people feel a  part of this life by having the opportunity to enhance communication, conflict resolution and self-esteem. We will focus on helping to provide tools and resources that will assist them to live a wonderful and productive life.

Welcome aboard GOS!!!

Cole County Residential Services Training

It was my priviledge this week to train staff at Cole County Residential Services in Jefferson City, MO.  The staff were excited and participatory in getting things up and running.   CCRSI is starting with T-Logs, Health Tracking, and S-Comms and staff is getting started and practicing in Test Mode until they launch into “Going Live” the first of October.  It always excites me to see another agency making a conscious decision to help staff communicate better, and become more effecient by starting to utilize Therap.

Cole Country Residential Services In Jefferson City, MO

I have no doubts that CCRSI will have great success making the transition from paper to electronic documention.  One more great agency in the Midwest that is making a difference.

Minnesota Looks for Redemption

Not long ago it look like the Vikes would finally get back to the Super Bowl, maybe even win the thing for a change.  But then a fumble inside the 5, a missed referee call, and an interception thrown by Favre and it all went away quicker than a quarterback can unretire.

Tonight the Vikings return to the Superdome to try and begin the journey that ended just a little too soon last year.  It will be interesting to see if the demons still linger from the special season of a year ago.  It all kicks off at 7.30CT tonight in the Big Easy.  Should be interesting to see if the Saints are still hungry or the Vikes are looking for a little payback.

Will find out soon enough!

Labor Day Weekend

Wish all of you throughout Therapville Midwest a Great Labor Day Weekend.  School has returned, football has begun, and cooler weather is right around the corner.  Typically I am already for Fall, but I must admit after last year’s Winter hung on forever, I am not all that excited about it returning anytime soon.  Nontheless, Labor Day, Fall, and soon Winter is coming regardless of what I want and how I would like it to be.

So get out there this weekend, take one more lap in the pool, one more trip to the outdoor ice creamery, or what ever item that seems tied to the summer and enjoy it.  For like it or not, the seasons are soon to be changing.

Wish all of you the best of Labor Day Weekend!

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