Friday in Columbia, South Carolina

We finished off a very successful week in South Carolina with some meetings at the DDSN offices in Columbia.  Pulling in, I noticed that the flags outside were at half mast.  Any time I see this I am curious as to why, wondering if there was a local soldier being honored or some other occasion.

So I took to Google and discovered that today is National Peace Officers’ Memorial Day.  According to the following is the proclamation:
Presidential Proclamation — Peace Officers Memorial Day and Police Week, 2015


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Moving to Individual Based Caseloads :: Caseload Migration

Therap 2015.0 introduces new Individual Based Caseloads.  We have transitioned from the old (current) caseload structure according to the rules below.

To help you compare the old caseload structure to the new, we have created two  versions of Therap, using the same database. One version has been migrated to Individual Based Caseloads, the other retains the current structure of Program Based Caseloads.

You can visit each of these to compare what the process has done: (program based caseloads and the current software) (individual based caseloads and Therap 2015.0)

Use your regular login to […]

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South Carolina Conference :: Day Two

Day two of the conference kicked off with a Question and Answer panel featuring the leadership of DDSN along with Jeff Covington, Deb and myself.  It’s the first time we’ve done this with such a big crowd, but I thought it worked very well with some thoughtful and useful questions from the crowd and some great answers from DDSN.

While we are never perfect (and often too far from it), the commitment to openness in this project is impressive and very welcome.

Based on the buy-in we are getting from the providers […]

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South Carolina Conference :: Day One


What an incredible first day it has been here in Columbia, South Carolina.  With about 500 people here is has been quite a conference.  Somewhere at the front of that mass of people I am there during this morning’s plenary session (excellently opened by DDSN Director, Dr. Beverley Buscemi).

Thanks to a very well run facility at the DoubleTree and (of course) our excellent training team, things are moving along nicely and people are learning things left, right and center in seven consecutive sessions.

Already looking forward to more of the same […]

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Therap 2015.0 is coming soon, make sure that you learn all about it


We are less than a month away from what is probably the most significant Therap release in years.

Over the coming days and weeks, I will try and highlight all the the features and changes that we have coming but you really need to do some research yourself (especially when it comes to Individual Based Caseloads) and make sure that you know exactly what the impacts will be for you and your agency.

Here’s a few places to start:

Release Notes for Therap 2015.0

Billing Release Notes for Therap 2015.0

User Guides for Therap 2015.0

Therap’s […]

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This might be the coolest thing ever!

I thought I would have a shot at click-bait, everyone else seems to be!

Take a look at this screenshot and see if you can work out what is going on:

More soon…

:: Justin ::

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Tuesday in Olympia, WA

I can never come here without singing Rancid songs as I drive up from Portland or down from Seattle.

I always find it exciting to be at Regional Conferences, especially now that I get the chance to talk to more people about Individual Based Caseloads.

Talking of which… We are still working on the update to Beta, I’ll be sure to let you know when it is reay to play with.

:: Justin ::

Using Therap’s Scanner interface with Chrome

Google released Chrome version 42 sometime last week. In this version they have disabled  a feature called NPAPI by default. And in version 45 which is due to be released in September they will drop NPAPI support entirely.

This means JAVA applets will not run from Chrome v42 and onward. Which means that our scanner interfaces will not work.  We will be upgrading more scanner locations in our upcoming release to the latest version which is not impacted and the rest will be done before September.

The solution for now is to manually enable […]

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Individual Based Caseloads :: Choose your program!

As you hopefully know by now, we are in the progress of transitioning to Individual Based Caseloads.  If you haven’t watched the Webinar and answered the survey at: you should go there right now and do so.

On of the concerns that people have had about this switch (in fact, it is a concern about the ToDo List right now) is that there are just too many counts from places you might not be concerned about today.

To fix this, in our next major release we are going to be adding a very […]

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New Classes Available in Therap Training Academy

We have added another two classes to the Therap Training Academy:

Time Tracking
Behavior Plans

You can go and try these out for yourself or assign them to your staff to take by heading over to:

As always, let us know what you think.

:: Justin ::

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Updates from South Carolina

I should start by saying that I was really hoping that the South Carolina women’s basketball team would get to tonight’s final.  That would have been a fun game against Connecticut.  Having said that, I was routing for Wisconsin last night and didn’t do too well.  My reason’s for supporting Wisconsin are threefold (at least!):

We just went live with our implementation at their developmental centers.
The “W” they used is also used by my hometown Wolcott High School. So my Jazz Band tie is covered in Wisconsin Ws!
They are badgers!  Growing […]

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Heart of Midlothian :: We’ve won the league flag

There has been considerable debate this week as to whether we wanted Hearts to with the Scottish Championship today by virtue of cross-town rivals Hibs not winning or wait until we play Queen of the South at Tynecastle and win it in front of our own fans.  General consensus was that Hibs would win relatively easily today against Rangers and we could have our party next week.  This of course fails to take into account Hibs never ending ability to buckle when the pressure is on, especially if Hearts are […]

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The joys of working in the cloud

I’m sitting here waiting for my car’s brakes to be worked on (and dreading the bill). Obviously I get get out my phone and my laptop and keep on working.  I’ve already done a bunch of emails, talked to a few customers, and if I am stuck here much longer I’ll be doing an interview too!

The funny thing is how completely normal this feels to me, it also brings back memories of when it really wasn’t as commonplace: in 2006 I wrote this post.  At that time the mobile internet […]

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Join our Upcoming Webinars and Conferences

Regional Conference in
Greensboro, North Carolina, May 6-7, 2015
Register now

We hope you are able to join us in these learning opportunities designed to assist I/DD Providers
in implementing the Therap system for efficient, secure electronic documentation of services.

Certified Trainer and Learning Lunch Webinars

Billing and Utilization Webinars

Regional Conference

GER – Management Summary Reports and Tracking Trends across programs – 03/20/15
Peer User Presentation: New York specific MSC Documentation: NY ISP, MSC Notes and IDF Extension – 03/27/15
Introduction to Med Administration Records – 04/03/15
Introduction to Tracking Service Utilization with your Data – 04/17/15
Introduction to Supported Employment […]

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Have you answered the Individual Based Caseload Survey?

This morning I sent out the following email, if you haven’t yet responded, please do!

In our next major release, planned for mid-May 2015 we will be making a major update to the way that caseloads are handled within Therap.

As of this next release, all caseloads will be individual based. This means that if you have access to an individual, you will be able to see their data (assuming that you have the appropriate role) from anywhere within your agency, regardless of the program that it was recorded in.

This will have […]

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