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Letters from Oxford, England in 1917

Rowing at Oxford i 1917

While I have been over here I have been helping my mum put the final touches to a website which will publish letters her aunt wrote from Oxford University in the early 20th Century.

Here’s the intro:

Ethel Margaret Harker Collinson was known in the family as Margot.  She was born in 1896 and attended Streatham Hill High School.  She went on to study history at St. Hilda’s Hall (later St. Hilda’s College), Oxford,  1917-20, followed by a one-year teacher-training qualification.  She became head of  history at Parliament Hill High School, a member of the London Bach Choir, and a member of the Society of Antiquaries.  On her retirement from teaching, she was about to take over the archaeology of the Roman kilns in the New Forest when she had a stroke and died in 1957.

She wrote home regularly and these letters are about to be posted by date.  The first, written on 13 October 1917, will appear on 13 October 2014.  On 10 October they will be preceded by two letters from a former history teacher and one from the Principal of St Hilda’s.

The letters will be published in order over the next three years.

They make for fascinating reading, you can check them out at:

:: Justin ::



A week in Edinburgh, Scotland

Just in case you have been looking for me or I haven’t been as responsive this week as I should be, there’s the reason!

I am spending a week or so with family in Edinburgh, with the big event being my nephew Matt’s wedding.

It was a great event with plenty gratuitous kilt wearing (the photo is with my brother and my dad).

The rest of the week will be catching up with family, friends, and the famous Heart of Midlothian.

If you do need something, drop me an email or jump on Live Help.

:: Justin ::

Upcoming Therap Webinars, Training, and Conferences

We hope you are able to join us in these learning opportunities designed to assist I/DD Providers
in implementing the Therap system for efficient, secure electronic documentation of services.


Certified Trainer and Learning Lunch Webinars

Billing and Utilization Webinars

Conference Listing

Coming soon: ICD-10 and DSM 5

We are in the final stages of test our upcoming release which includes the transition to ICD-10

As you can see, we are keeping existing diagnoses but adding the extra descriptions and code.

We have also included a tool to help you find ICD-10 codes where they match the ICD-9 diagnosis (NOTE: there is not always a 1:1 mapping)

Keep an eye out for the release notes when we have a final schedule

:: Justin ::

Monday in Columbia, South Carolina

DDSN Header

Justin at the South Carolina State Capitol

Today was a very exciting day as Barry, Sazzad, Shawon and myself started our project with DDSN in Columbia, South Carolina.

I am sure there will be lots of folks around the state with lots and lots of questions.  In fact, Barry will be answering some of the at the South Carolina AAIDD Conference on Thursday.  Mostly though we are working hard on putting together a great implementation plan that is going to meet the needs of the whole community across the state.  I am already impressed by the folks we are working with here.

It’s an exciting and challenging prospect, watch this space for much, much more!

:: Justin ::


Friday’s news of the day :: Another proud Dad post

It’s been quite a week or so in Justin’s world (which can often be a rather strange place!) and I’m not even getting into how much fun it is supporting the newly rejuvenated Heart of Midlothian this year (although I am sure I will get there at sometime between now and May).

Justin and Iona Brockie

Prior to the formal announcements from South Carolina and Idaho, there was an announcement from my daughter Iona to the effect of:

This morning I accepted a full-time offer from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory!! I’m excited and honored to be part of a legacy that includes Explorer 1, Voyager, Cassini, Curiosity, and so many other incredible spacecraft. Words can’t describe the joy and gratitude I feel today.

It’s now been a week or so and I still haven’t stopped smiling.  It really is a remarkable achievement from an amazing young woman.  The best of it is, it’s only the beginning!  The solar system and beyond will be feeling the impact shortly!

Judging by the level of excitement at our conference in Anaheim this week, I will have plenty excuses to be in Southern California over the coming year!

Congratulations Iona, love you lots!

:: Dad ::

Welcoming Idaho to the Therap Community

Seal of the State of Idaho

To continue our exciting week, The State of Idaho, Department of Health and Welfare, Division of Family and Community Services has selected Therap as their Developmental Disability Case Management system.

I am particularly excited about this project as Idaho is a state that is fairly new to us in one of my favourite parts of the US.

Kitti, Sazzad, and I will be heading out to Boise in a few weeks to get things rolling.

I bet you’re wondering what tomorrow’s news will be now!

:: Justin ::

An exciting week for Therap, especially in South Carolina

Flag of South Carolina

This has been a very exciting week for Therap and we have a whole set of things that we are looking forward to announcing over the coming weeks and months.

I am delighted to bring you the news that South Carolina’s Department of Disabilities and Special Needs has chosen Therap to be their statewide provider of electronic documentation and communication.

We are honored to have the opportunity to bring Therap’s secure transparency to South Carolina’s state teams, DSN Boards, providers, and citizens.

There is an awful lot of work to be done, and we are looking forward to getting started.

We will bring you much more information as we start implementation.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

:: Justin ::


Therap 2014.5 Coming Soon!

Therap 2014.5 Coming Soon!

Version 2014.5 of Therap Applications is ready for release!

To learn more about the new features and enhancements included in this release, please view Release 2014.5 User Guides

We look forward to your comments and suggestions regarding the features introduced in Therap 2014.5, please feel free to write to us.

General Event Reports (GER)

  • A new option SComm has been introduced in the Method of Notification drop-down field located under the Notification section of the General Event Reports(GER) form. 


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  • Order forms can be located via a new search parameter, Order Name which is available on the Search Order page. 

    Screenshot of the Order Search page 

New Scanner Interface for GER and T-Log

[Back to Top]

  • A new plugin needs to be installed to use the new Scanner Interface. Once the installation is complete, you will be able to scan documents into the T-Log and GER modules. Installation steps are detailed below: 






  • Once the installation is complete, you will see the new Scanner Interface. You can click on the Scan button to scan in the first page of the document. 


  • With the new scanner interface, you will be able to scan documents with multiple pages into the T-Log and GER modules. 


  • The Preview/Edit Scanned Files section, you will be able to navigate through pages in the document. Using the control panel to the right, you can rotate, delete, and/or crop pages from the scanned document. 


  • Once you are Done Scanning, the Upload Scanned File section will become active where you can enter the ‘File Name’ and ‘Description’. 


  • All new scanned files are saved in PDF format. 

    Note: Once the new Scanner Interface is installed, users will not see the interface provided by the vendor of the Scanning device.

Billing Module Specific Updates

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  • From this release onwards Rate Code and Rate Value will appear in the Billing Data forms for Institutional Claim for the Users in New York. If the Rate Code and Rate Value is specified in the ‘Daily Supervised Res Hab Settings’, then these values will be pulled from there to the Billing Data. Otherwise, the values mentioned in the ‘Service Description/Code’ will be pulled in the Billing Data. 

    If Bill Data is generated from Attendance Data, then Comments will appear in the Billing Data accordingly. 

    Screenshot of Billing Data

For Users in North Dakota

Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP)

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  • A new section Waiver & Level of Care Check has been added in all types of Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP). This will determine whether an Individual is receiving waiver services or not. 

  • If you select Yes, the Acknowledgement section will appear where you would need to select both the options to Activate the IFSP. ‘Waiver & Level of Care Check’ and ‘Acknowledgement’ sections will also appear in the PDF of IFSP. 

    Screenshot of IFSP with the Waiver section 

Person Centered Service Plan (PCSP)

[Back to Top]

  • A new section Waiver & Level of Care Check has been added in all types of Person Centered Service Plan (PCSP). This will determine whether an Individual is receiving waiver services or not. 

  • If you select Yes, the Acknowledgement section will appear where you would need to select both the options to Activate the PCSP. ‘Waiver & Level of Care Check’ and ‘Acknowledgement’ sections will also appear in the PDF of PCSP. 

    Screenshot of PCSP with the Waiver section

What’s so awesome about using Therap for Medicaid and other billing?

Therap has a fully featured Medicaid billing system that can bill directly from service documentation or attendance.

If you haven’t taken a look at it yet, here is your chance:

Date Time Topic
Monday, 10/06/14 2pm – 3pm EDT / 11am – 12pm PDT Attendance Billing and Tracking Overview
Monday, 10/13/14 2pm – 3pm EDT / 11am – 12pm PDT ISP Billing and ISP Program specifications for Billing
Monday, 10/20/14 2pm – 3pm EDT / 11am – 12pm PDT Claims-submissions / Replacement / Adjustments / Voids
Monday, 10/27/14 2pm – 3pm EDT / 11am – 12pm PDT Reports: Attendance, Billing Summaries, Utilization
Monday, 11/03/14 2pm – 3pm EST / 11am – 12pm PST Service Authorizations with 3rd Party Responsibility and Patient Obligation
Monday, 11/10/14 2pm – 3pm EST / 11am – 12pm PST Service Authorization: Methods of Data Collection
Monday, 11/17/14 2pm – 3pm EST / 11am – 12pm PST Remittance Reports: Uploading/Reconciliation Report and Aging Report
Monday, 11/24/14 2pm – 3pm EST / 11am – 12pm PST Troubleshooting Billing: Common Errors
Monday, 12/01/14 2pm – 3pm EST / 11am – 12pm PST Custom Reports and Accounting Uses
Monday, 12/01/14 3pm – 4pm EST / 12pm – 1pm PST Incident Report Management in Therap
Monday, 12/15/14 3pm – 4pm EST / 12pm – 1pm PST The Billing Application and How It Links to Other Modules within Therap

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