Hearts 10 (ten!) – Cowdenbeath 0

It really isn’t very often that this sort of thing happens, though with the way this season has been going there was chat on the message boards that one of these days, someone was going […]

Have you answered the Individual Based Caseload questionnaire yet?

As we prepare for the very significant transition over to individual based caseloads, we want to be sure that we know whether or not you are current using program based caseloads to provider your agency […]

Come and Join the Therap Team

Are you passionate about the supports that you provide for people with intellectual disabilities?

Do you enjoy using Therap?

Do you get a kick out of teaching?

Do you like to travel (a lot!)?

Are you self-directed, self-starting, and […]

Wednesday in Kansas City and Jefferson City, Missouri

Peter and I were out here in Missouri to join Jeff in some meetings (which in Missouri always seem to involve copious amounts of driving.  There is a long story that you should get Jim […]

Check out Therap’s Upcoming Webinars

Therap Training Academy
Learn More

We hope you are able to join us in these learning opportunities designed to assist I/DD Providers
in implementing the Therap system for efficient, secure electronic documentation of services.

Certified Trainer and Learning Lunch […]

Have you checked out our new Training Academy yet?

Over the last few weeks and months, we have been working hard to bring you a new and exciting experience in our on-line and automated Customer Support.

The first thing we did was update our Support […]

Have you heard of the Heart of Midlothian?

It’s been a while since I have blogged about Hearts, in the meantime, we have basically gone bust, been relegated, and started all over again.

For those of you not used to the world of soccer/football, […]

A lovely (if chilly) week in South Carolina

Time to head home now from a wonderfully peaceful week in Myrtle beach, South Carolina.

Hopefully the trip home won’t be quite as exciting as the trip down here.

We’ve had a great time chilling out (literally) […]

Therap’s 2015 National Conference in Atlanta, Georgia

This year’s national conference was a huge success. It was our biggest ever. In fact, we had more Therap staff at the conference than there were attendees at our very first National Conference in
Southbury, Connecticut.

While […]

Looking ahead to our 2015 Conference Schedule

Our conference schedule for 2015 is almost complete (I know that we are looking at a Nebraska Conference in late June, but we haven’t yet confirmed the location.)

It’s a pretty impressive schedule, full details are […]

Using Therap Beta

When we are getting a new  release ready, we like to get it out there for testing and training by our staff and customers.  In order to do this, we have a Beta site.

Therap Beta […]

The Rap :: Episode 4 :: Sharing Information

In Episode 4 of our web series, Kitti and the folks from Jamestown, New York discuss the benefits of sharing data in real time across circles of support.  It’s a thing I like to call […]

Coming Soon :: GER Resolution

Therap’s General Event Reports have always been a great tool for managing the incident reporting process.  The one piece of the whole incident management process that was missing was keeping track of the final outcome […]

The Joys of Winter Travel

It’s that time of year (especially this year!) when Michele, Siraya, and I try to get somewhere warmer for a few days.  Siraya is a kid who just loves to be outside, but really doesn’t […]

Proud Dad Post #472

Catching up on other things that have happened while I was blogless…

A couple of summers ago, Iona was interning at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory outside Pasadena, California.  While she was there she was working on […]

Moving to Individual Based Caseloads

We have a big change coming up in our next major release.  As of then, all caseloads and modules will be individual based.

You can learn much more by watching the video of a webinar I […]

The Rap :: Episode 3 :: Using Therap

Given that I have just spent the last couple of days with Kitti in beautiful Boise, Idaho, it’s the perfect time to bring you Episode 3 of The Rap.. In this episode you will find […]

And we’re back…

You may have noticed that there hasn’t been an awful lot of blogging going on recently here in Therapville.  In fact, there hasn’t been any.

As part of the move over to our groovy new website […]

The Rap Episode 2

In Episode 2 of The Rap, Therap’s web based TV show, Kitti talks to a group of people receiving services and finds out how they use Therap.



Therap National Conference Almost Sold Out!

Our National Conference in Atlanta, Georgia later this month is almost full.  If you were putting off signing up, now is the time to do it!

It’s looking like a great conference and we’ll be showing […]

The Rap :: Episode 1 :: Family Discussion

Welcome to our new series of shows about how different groups of people use Therap.

We are starting with a discussion with a group of family members.


Live Help Issues

We seem to be having some issues with our live chat service provided by LivePerson.  If you need help, give us a call, send us an email, or send Feedback through the application.

I’ll update when […]

South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs Selects Therap Services as the Statewide Reporting System

From: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/282434301.html


WATERBURY, Conn., Nov. 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Therap Services, leader in electronic documentation software for Intellectual Disability and Developmental Disability Service Providers, announces it has been selected as the statewide Software as a System (SaaS) […]

Robotic Telepresence

We have been experimenting recently with a new tool from Double Robotics known as robotic telepresence.

Basically the idea is something like this:  imagine having an iPad stuck on top of a Segway that you can […]

Therap 2014.6 Coming Soon!

Soon we are going to release Version 2014.6 of Therap Applications.To learn more about the new features and enhancements included in this release, please view Release 2014.6 User Guides. We look forward to your comments and suggestions regarding the […]