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Release Notes for Therap 2012.1

We will be releasing Therap 2012.1 on April 15, 2012. Check out the list below for details on the features that we have included in Therap Applications with the release of this new version.

Referral (For users in North Dakota and Nebraska)

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  1. Users will be able to send multiple Referrals for the same Individual to the same agency. However, any ‘in progress’ Referral must be closed before sending a new Referral. 

    Screenshot of Referral Page showing Error 

  2. If an Individual has existing Individual Data Forms in the Child Provider(s), then a list containing Provider Names and Referred Individual Status will be displayed before a new Referral can be sent. 

    Screenshot of Referral Page showing 'Provider Individual Details' 

  3. After this release, users will be able to save Referrals for all Recipient Types.

Billing Module Updates

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Updates for Oversight Providers

Users of the Oversight Agency will be able to view the Service Authorizations and Billing Data specific to the Linked Provider which the user can select from the Provider drop-down menu.

Updates for Users in New York

In this release, the billing dates for calculation of 1st Half Month2nd Half Month and Full Month for Residential Habilitation Billing have been updated.

  • For Services provided for the First Half of a Month, the Billing Data will be generated from the 1st of the following month.
  • For Services provided for the Second Half of a Month, the Billing Data will be generated from the 2nd of the following month.
  • For Services provided for full month, the Billing Data will be generated from the 1st of the following month.

Updates in MAR

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The Purpose of Medications entered into the Medication History forms of Individuals can now be viewed in MAR forms. This will help staffs recording data in MARs to know the purpose of the Medications they are administering. 

Screenshot showing Purpose of a particular medication 

Updates in IRMA (For Users in New York)

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  • If an already existing committee information is uploaded again from the IRMA preference section in the system then the existing information is now replaced with the new one.
  • Committee information without members and their states are accepted now in CSV files when they are uploaded in our system under the IRMA preference section.
  • Committee Name and Minutes Date fields are no longer required for ‘Open’ status in IRMA Form.

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