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More ways to learn about the new TMS

Graphics of Products & Services page banner

Hopefully you have already watched Kara’s videos. If not, click here.

If you are more of a static document sort of person, then why not check out the summary document that you can read at your leisure.

Tomorrow I’m getting a look at the latest update, so there should be more exciting news!

:: Justin ::


More of Kara’s introduction to the new TMS

I told you that there would be much more!

Here’s a start!

Again, remember that you are being given an early peak into something that is still in development.  There will be changes.

:: Justin ::

Get ready for the next generation of TMS

We are very excited to be in the final stages of bringing you a significant upgrade to Therap’s Training Management System.

Based on lots of feedback there are all sorts of new features and capabilities.

Take a look at Kara’s first introduction:

Remember, this is still in development, so there will be changes before the release.

Much more to come!

:: Justin ::

A first glimpse at the next generation of TMS

I always get really excited when I get the chance to look at a new Therap feature or module as it nears completion.

This is no exception!

Yan and Pushpita have been working really hard to bring you the next generation of TMS (our Training Management System) chock full of enhancements (and even a few requested features!)

I’m not quite sure when we will see a production release, but it won’t be too long so keep your eyes open as we will be running bunches of webinars to make the transition as easy as possible for you.

Here’s a few teaser screenshots (click on them for full size versions)

Therap New Training Management SystemTherap New Training Management SystemTherap New Training Management System


:: Justin ::

Have you tried linking your follow up appointments in Therap?

When we brought out Therap 8.12, we included a feature that we have been asked for a lot: The ability to see all the follow-up (and the previous) appointments an individual has with a doctor.

Screenshot of Appointments
Not only will this make it easier for scheduling and documenting medical appointments, it’s also going to make it much easier to show surveyors that you completed all the required follow up for any given appointment (and actually find the proof!
:: Justin ::

Pogue on Electronice Health Records

Pogue's Posts - The Latest in Technology From David Pogue

Not exactly what we do, but enough parallels to make this work reading.

Check out David Pogue’s interview with Dr. David Blumenthal, the President’s medical-records czar.

:: Justin ::

Montana Incident Report Updated

Montana's Official WebsiteMontana

Things are moving on apace in Montana since we won the RFP there. Hopefully you have been keeping track of all of Maureen’s travels around the state. We have now visited virtually every single provider in the State of Montana and the move towards a paperless state is gaining momentum!

As part of this process (and we are learning a lot along the way too!) we released an update last night (Therap 8.4.2) which simplifies the completing of the Montana State Incident Report.

:: Justin ::

More exciting times in Minot

Official City of Minot Website -

Today was day two of the NDACF Conference in North Dakota.  There are some great things going on here.

This morning I met with folks from Enable, HIT, and Community Options who along with Pride are pioneering sharing data between providers.  It is a fascinating process to work out exactly who has rights to what information and who retains ownership.  What makes it work is the fact that these agencies are committed to transparency, trust each other, and are looking for innovative ways to provide the best possible supports to the citizens of Bismarck and Mandan.  It is through the work and leadership of people like these that we will develop even more comprehensive cross-provider features for the entire country.

We are also discussing a new pilot for providing state wide incident reporting through Therap from all North Dakotan providers to the State.  Based on our experience in Delaware, this is going to be an amazingly smooth and swift state wide implementation.

Tomorrow, it’s time to come home.

:: Justin ::

More excitment with the College of Direct Support

Graphic of 'Therap conferences'.

Almost time for Side by Side Technology II in Murfreesboro, Tennesee.

To celebrating we will be showing off the latest iteration in our interface between Therap and The College of Direct Support.

As long as you are a CDS Customer and have used CDS to set up and take your lessons, then you can link your CDS account to your Therap one.

This will allow you to keep an eye on what is going on with your trainings on CDS by clicking the link in your TMS box:

Screenshot of Classess module showing 'CDS Lessons' and Therap calendar.

Clicking on “CDS Lessons” will bring you to a page where you can see your current status:

Screenshot of CDS Lessons page.

And then, your CDS page and all the great CDS content is just a click away!

Be sure to tell Tanm what you think and what else you would like the interface to do.

:: Justin ::

Looking forward to TMS in Therap 8.1

Last night I was given a quick tour of TMS in Therap 8.1 and I am really excited about the direction it is moving in.

Screenshot of TMS in Therap version 8.1

The two key changes are:

Firstly, we are moving from three boxes on your FirstPage to one.  Within this box, the links that you see will be controlled by a new set of roles:

Screenshot showing new set of roles of Training Management System

On top of that, we have really simplified a number of the processes.  As we get closer to 8.1 being released, look for webinars giving more details.

:: Justin ::

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