Coming Soon :: Therap 2015.0 :: Event Summaries

In our next major release (currently scheduled for mid-May) will will bringing you some update to the Event Summary reporting tool.

There will now be two roles associated with Event Summaries, the roles role is an agency wide one.  This will allow users to run reports across all individuals regardless of their caseload.  Access to this version of the Event Summary is on the Agency Reports tab.

Users with the existing caseload based Event Summary role will be able to run reports on up to 10 individuals at a time (based upon […]

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The Rap :: Episode 6 :: Discussion on Oversight

Summary : Management team members discuss their use of Therap to manage oversight tasks and review documentation. These Therap users are identifying trends and tracking incidents, identifying when individuals are having difficulties and may need more supports, and using the system to conduct risk assessments, track reportable events and to oversee health management.

Starring : John Vogan, Residential Coordinator/Provider Administrator; Virginia Vath, Assistant Executive Director, QA/QI; Mary Jo Hamilton, Assistant Director of Residential Services; and Kevin Lightle, Regional Director for Implementation & Training, Therap. With host Kitti Gutierrez.

Duration : 24 min […]

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Join our Upcoming Webinars & Conferences

Therap Training Academy
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We hope you are able to join us in these learning opportunities designed to assist I/DD Providers
in implementing the Therap system for efficient, secure electronic documentation of services.

Certified Trainer and Learning Lunch Webinars

Billing and Utilization Webinars

Conference Listing

Changing to Individual Based Caseloads – 03/04/15
Utilizing the tools in Therap to complete a referral – 03/06/15
Writing Qualitative Goals and Valued Outcomes through Therap’s ISP Programs -03/13/15
GER – Management Summary Reports and Tracking Trends across programs – 03/20/15
Peer User Presentation: New York specific MSC Documentation: NY ISP, MSC Notes and IDF […]

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Regional Conference in Omaha, Nebraska, June 24-25, 2015


We are very excited to announce this year’s Nebraska conference, particularly because this will be the final stage in rolling out our Individual Budgeting/Provider Billing Integration.  I have had a couple of walk throughs of it now and it is quite simply awesome!

We will be doing a ton of training for state and provider staff. starting in early May, so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

In the meantime, be sure to sign up.

Full details and sign up are available at:

The hotel for this year is:

Sheraton Omaha Hotel
655 […]

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Thursday in Savannah, Georgia (even though I was never meant to be here!)

Another great day of meetings in Columbia, South Carolina.  Getting home however may be interesting!  Thanks to the weather in the north east and a plane slipping off the runway at Laguardia.

Thanks to a wonderful lady on the phone at United we do have a route home, it just involved us driving to Savannah, Georgia, having dinner in the house where Captain Flint died, and flying back to Boston!

I’m not sure that my travel woes make for scintillating reading, but it’s good therapy for me to write about them!

:: Justin […]

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Wednesday in (sunny and warm!) Columbia, South Carolina

Sazzad and I are down here working with the fine folks as The State of South Carolina’s DDSN.  Having been delayed on the way down because our plane leaving Hartford, CT had to be de-iced twice (twice!  That has never happened to me before and can be added to the list of sufferings from this unending winter) we are now enjoying blue skies, sunshine, and 80 degree weather.  It is a truly beautiful thing!

Lots of great work going on down here, we’ll be posting updates soon at:

:: Justin ::


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The Rap :: Episode 5 :: Discussion on Health Documentation

Summary : This episode features a discussion on the use of Therap to capture health documentation, and how the electronic health record has changed the way nurses and clinical services are seeing, documenting and sharing an individual’s data.

Starring : John Vogan, Residential Coordinator/Provider Administrator; Renee Ferraloro, RN; Bev Arvidson, RN Supervisor; and Steve Bulich, Assistant Residential Director/Clinical Services. With host Kitti Gutierrez.

Duration : 24 min 05 sec


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Have you thought about becoming a Therap Certified Trainer?

Take a look at the video from Chelsea and read a few of the posts over on the Certified Trainer Blog and I am sure that you want to sign up and join what is an excellent group of people showing off and enhancing their Therap skills.

To find out what is involved, what the benefits are, and how to become a Certified Trainer, head over to:

:: Justin ::

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Catching up with Margot

If you haven’t been over to my mother’s blog “Margot at Oxford” either recently or ever, you really should take a few minutes to do so.

Over the course of the next three years Mum is publishing the letter sent home from Oxford University by her Great Aunt.  They give a fascinating insight into life at college during the First World War.

Here’s a sample from the latest entry dated 25th February 1918:
Ever so many thanks for your letter and the parcel, and also for the photo.  I was very thankful for […]

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Hearts 10 (ten!) – Cowdenbeath 0

It really isn’t very often that this sort of thing happens, though with the way this season has been going there was chat on the message boards that one of these days, someone was going to take a real beating.

We’ll today they did.  The Blue Brazil of Cowdenbeath came to Tynecastle and probably wished they never had.

The score may have been 10-0, but it actually could have been more.

With Falkirk drawing with Rangers last night, the league table is looking better and now Hearts just need 16 points from their […]

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Have you answered the Individual Based Caseload questionnaire yet?

As we prepare for the very significant transition over to individual based caseloads, we want to be sure that we know whether or not you are current using program based caseloads to provider your agency with a place to keep notes (as T-Logs or ISP data) that can only be accessed by a select group of staff.

For example, you might have a program called Nursing and enroll all your individuals in there.  You would then write T-Logs, or ISP Programs within that program so that other users cannot read them. […]

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Come and Join the Therap Team

Are you passionate about the supports that you provide for people with intellectual disabilities?

Do you enjoy using Therap?

Do you get a kick out of teaching?

Do you like to travel (a lot!)?

Are you self-directed, self-starting, and fascinating?

Are you ready to change the world and make it a better place?

In that case, you should think about joining the Therap Training and Implementation team!

We have a number of positions available:

Training Specialist: Traveling Position
Customer Support Specialist: Non-Traveling Position
Training and Implementation Specialist
Billing Support Specialist
Especialista en Entrenamiento y Implementación

You can fine all the details and an […]

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Wednesday in Kansas City and Jefferson City, Missouri

Peter and I were out here in Missouri to join Jeff in some meetings (which in Missouri always seem to involve copious amounts of driving.  There is a long story that you should get Jim to tell you about of a drive we had through Missouri where we ended up guessing the heights of radio towers (he was about right, I was disastrously wrong).

At least the weather was nice out here.  Actually got up to about 54 degrees!

Now it’s time to head back to the frozen tundra that is Connecticut.

:: […]

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Check out Therap’s Upcoming Webinars

Therap Training Academy
Learn More

We hope you are able to join us in these learning opportunities designed to assist I/DD Providers
in implementing the Therap system for efficient, secure electronic documentation of services.

Certified Trainer and Learning Lunch Webinars

Billing and Utilization Webinars

Conference Listing

Provider Administration: An Overview of Your Account – 2/17/15
Utilizing the tools in Therap to Complete a Referral – 2/24/15
Go Beyond Standard ISP Program Scoring Methods, Get Creative to Capture Data -3/3/15
Writing Qualitative Goals and Valued Outcomes through Therap’s ISP Programs -3/13/15

View the full webinar list.

NY Billing Setup – Supplemental Group Day […]

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Have you checked out our new Training Academy yet?

Over the last few weeks and months, we have been working hard to bring you a new and exciting experience in our on-line and automated Customer Support.

The first thing we did was update our Support home page which you can visit at or by clicking the Help & Support link on our website.  Here you will find clear links to the most needed information as well as access to our entire knowledgebase.

The Training academy takes it a stage further with a whole list of self paced classes that you can take […]

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