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Coming soon in Therap 2016.0 :: Therap for Android updates

Along with our new web application, we will also be releasing a new mobile application (or two). Let's start with Therap for Android: We've tidied up the login page a bit: And look! There's something new on the Dashboard, let's take a look at T-Logs for Android: Tapping on the T-Log link will bring you to a list of unread T-Logs.  You can look at them all or filter by Notification Level. Choose the one you want to read and there it is: Tap the icon at the top right to mark it as read and you can be on your way: If you want to write you own T-Log, just click the pen icon on the list page you [...]

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Coming Soon in 2016.0 :: New Individual Home

I had hoped to get to some posts about our next release right after our National Conference, but was unfortunately smitten by some dreaded lurgy.  So, now I am (more or less) back on my feet, let's get started. The first thing that you will notice when you go to https://beta.TherapServices.net is our new Login Page.  This now gives us an opportunity to give you information without forcing you to click through too many splash pages. You can click on the screenshots to see them full size.   Once you log in (remembering that this is beta and not production) you should start by heading over to Individual Home.  You'll see that it has been completely reworked.  Our goal is [...]

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Looking back on another amazing Therap National Conference

As I am making my way home from the Pacific north-west, it's quite remarkable to look back and reflect on the progress we've made over the years and the exciting things that we talked about this week. Firstly I want to thank everyone who made the conference such a resounding success, especially my amazing colleagues and our customers who traveled from all over the country to join in some great discussions. There were a number of  new things that we touched on, showed off, or talked about at the conference that I will get into in much more detail over the coming weeks as we get closer to our 2016.0 release: Pharmacy Interface While this won't be in the 2016.0 [...]

Welcome to our National Conference in the Pacific Northwest

We are all ready to go here in Vancouver, Washington (across the river from Portland, Oregon).  Not even the snow storm to the east could stop us. We always have internal meetings the day before.  Each year our team just gets bigger and better! If you are lucky enough to be coming to join us and are flying to Portland (PDX), get your bag, walk out the door and look for this bus at the second island, just to the right. We have an exciting programme put together for you and can't wait for you to get here! :: Justin ::

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Monday at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, Scotland

As you may (or may not!) have noticed, I've been slacking a bit recently on the blogging front. Hopefully, that is about to change.  We have our National Conference and an exciting release just around the corner, so I am going to have a lot to talk about! Right now though I am in Edinburgh, Scotland in the cold and dark and rain visiting with family (and seeing Hearts win 6-0!). Today my brother Nick and I took a tour around the (relatively new) Scottish Parliament building which was rather cool (and like Nebraska is unicameral). More soon when I get back to the States. :: Justin ::

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Therap at the NASDDDS Annual Conference in Washington, DC

Peter and I are at the National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services (NASDDDS) conference in Washington, DC (well actually Alexandria, Virginia if you want to be really accurate). This conference is a great opportunity to mix with and list to many of the leaders from across the country in services for people with intellectual disabilities. We're delighted to be involved and are already looking forward to next summer in Kansas City, I hear they even have a baseball team out there! :: Justin::

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Live Help Currently Unavailable

10/29/15 4:00pm Eastern Please note that our Live Help feature is currently down due to the unavailability of the Liveperson system. If you need some help, please call, email, or use Feedback from within the application. I'll do my best to keep you up to date as things progress :: Justin ::   Update: 4:45pm Eastern  Looks like things are back up again, but we will be keeping a close eye on them.

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Happy Days in Metsville

I was introduced to the New York Mets in 1985, my first summer working at the Southampton Fresh Air Home.  The Mets were great with Gooden, Strawberry, et al and all the kids (at least the smart ones) loved them so I hopped on the bandwagon.  With a World Series the next year it seemed like I had made a pretty good choice! The next 30 years though haven't always been as easy and being a Mets fan has become very much like being a Hearts fan.  In fact, even more so over the last couple of years where financial problems have forced a reliance on your talent (which might have been a smarter plan in the first place!) This [...]

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Six State Summit in Keystone, South Dakota

I have spent the last few days in Keystone, South Dakota at the Six State Summit.  This is one of my favourite conferences, featuring leaders from the provider communities and states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, and Montana. It is an opportunity to gather and learn and share and relax in a more informal atmosphere and one that Therap has had the privilege to support for about ten years. This year was an exceptional conference in many ways.  Great presentations, excellent discussions, and a gorgeous environment. I also learned that Rapid City has its own collection of presidential statues:        And Keystone has a wonderful steam train! https://youtu.be/7LibVXFlvYA :: Justin ::

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Ability for Hire in South Dakota

At the Six State Summit in Keystone, South Dakota I am listening to a presentation by South Dakota's State DD Director Dan Lusk.  He shared the following video from the states Ability for Hire initiative. I couldn't resist passing it on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCR9-qOxp4g :: Justin ::  

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Monday in Keystone, South Dakota

Last night I arrived in the foggy dark and was happy just to find my way along the winding roads from Rapid City.  This morning I woke to the mist clearing off the mountains, I had forgotten quite how beautiful this part of the state it. I was even able to sneak in a quick drive up to say "hi!" to the presidents on Mount Rushmore. Usually, I make a point of taking photos in front of State Capitols, this must be my week for presidents having been in San Juan, Puerto Rico visiting their Walkway of the Presidents just a few days ago. I'll have more from the Six State Summit later. :: Justin ::

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Tuesday in Boise, Idaho

  I spend Tuesday with the fine folks at the Kids DD Case Management program of the State of Idaho.  They have been using Therap for about a year now and have been really great to work with.  We were reviewing what we have been doing and planning for some really exciting features that you are going to see coming out over the next few months as we head towards our National Conference in the Pacific North-West in January.  When you come to Vancouver, you will be able to listen to the present. What you see coming will be particularly exciting if you are a case manager providing supports to people served by multiple agencies.  Watch this space for much, [...]

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New York OPWDD SEMP Billing available for testing in Beta

Therap's billing team is now ready to show you how you can document services and bill directly from Therap for Support Employment services in Therap. We will be getting in touch this week to schedule webinars. You can also try it out for yourself on our beta application which is available at https://beta.TherapServices.net. Remember that Beta is just a snapshot of your data and should not be used for live data collection. You can also find links to support documentation here: SEMP Hab Plan SEMP ISP Template SEMP Billing Set up :: Justin ::

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Have you met Therap’s Self Advocate Liaisons?

   For some time now, Jenn and Lori have been the stars of Therap's National Conferences.  It was in Kansas City that they first presented on how using Therap to share data with themselves, their families and their staff at The Resource Center in Jamestown, New York has impacted their lives. In fact, we liked the presentations so much that we offered them both a job working with our sales and support teams to get the message out there about sharing Therap with families and self advocates. Now, if you are attending a conference anywhere around the country you may meet Jenn or Lori at our booth or giving a presentation. If you would like them to present at your [...]

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DSP Recognition Week :: September 13-19, 2015

Gov Malloy DSP Proclamation Along with governors around the country (many encouraged by members of ANCOR), Governor Malloy here in Connecticut has declared September 13-19, 2014 Direct Support Professional week. Given how many DSPs use Therap on a daily basis, we're big fans, what are you doing to celebrate the DSPs in your community? :: Justin ::

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