Have you met Therap’s Self Advocate Liaisons?


For some time now, Jenn and Lori have been the stars of Therap’s National Conferences.  It was in Kansas City that they first presented on how using Therap to share data with themselves, their families and their staff at The Resource Center in Jamestown, New York has impacted their lives.

In fact, we liked the presentations so much that we offered them both a job working with our sales and support teams to get the message out there about sharing Therap with families and self advocates.

Now, if you are attending a conference anywhere around the country you may meet Jenn or Lori at our booth or giving a presentation.

If you would like them to present at your agency or conference, please […]

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DSP Recognition Week :: September 13-19, 2015

Gov Malloy DSP Proclamation

Along with governors around the country (many encouraged by members of ANCOR), Governor Malloy here in Connecticut has declared September 13-19, 2014 Direct Support Professional week.

Given how many DSPs use Therap on a daily basis, we’re big fans, what are you doing to celebrate the DSPs in your community?

:: Justin ::

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A Brief Sporting Interlude


I’m no Elias Sports Bureau, but I can’t think of a time when both Heart of Midlothian and the Mets would have topped their respective divisions this side of 1986! (great year for the Mets, painful one for Hearts).

It most likely won’t last, but I am going to enjoy it while it does!


:: Justin ::

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Billing Reports, Caseloads, and Agency Wide Reports


Any time you run a report, it is always worth knowing exactly what data you are running your report on.

In most places in Therap, when you run a report it is limited to data that is within your caseload.  In these days of Individual Based Caseloads, it is important to remember the basic fact about Therap access, namely “If an individual is on your caseload then you will see their data.”  This really is the case for all caseload based access.

Remember especially that Auto Program Caseloads (the ::APC:: ones) are still individual based, they are just a list of the individuals currently enrolled in that program.  This means that is you want to give yourself access to data about people who […]

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Setting up ISP Programs for Billing

One of the many great things about Therap is the ability to billing directly from service documentation.

This often leads to the question: How should I set up my ISP Programs so that I can bill from them?

To help with this, please see a quick guide that we have put together here.

Very notable, is the comment at the bottom: If you have any questions at all regarding setting up your ISP programs, please ask a billing specialist before continuing.

:: Justin ::

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Downtime notice for August 14th/15th 2015

Therap will be unavailable from Friday August 14th 2015 at 11pm Eastern until Saturday August 15th at 11am Eastern.

As part of our ongoing process of building up our system to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow, we are doing some major upgrades to the infrastructure at our data centers next weekend. This will bring enhanced levels of security and reliability as well as preparing the way for us to bring you new functionality in the future.

Because this is a significant amount of downtime, please make sure that you have prepared properly with items such as offline forms and printed MARs

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

:: Justin ::

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Wednesday in Jefferson City, Missouri

Jeff and I have spent the past couple of days driving around Missouri (see previous posts for details of how exciting this can be) talking to folks about case management and some exciting things that Therap has in the pipeline for case management agencies around the country in general and specifically for providers in Missouri.

Having spent yesterday in Columbia with the folks at Boone County Family Resources, today we made our way down to the (remarkably easy to get to) state seat of Jeff City to meet with the team at Cole County.

We met with some great folks who have been doing a lot of work in Therap and I’m now even more excited about the things that we have […]

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2015.0 Almost Ready!

In fact you may have been using it for a wee while.

One of the final steps in our testing process is to make the application publicly available (we just do it quietly).

We did that and let it run for a bit and identified a few little tweaks that we need to make.

We’ve taken the application back down, but it won’t be long now…

Stay Tuned

:: Justin ::

8pm Eastern: We’re back up, but still keeping any eye on things and may need to make some more adjustments along the way

9pm Eastern: We are going to take another brief downtime to sort a few issues

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Therap 2015.0 is coming, are you ready?

In just a few hours, we’ll be taking Therap down to start the process of giving you our next release.

If you haven’t yet, you need to check out the following resources:

View Release Notes for 2015.0.0
View Release 2015.0.0 User Guides
Learn about Individual Based Caseloads 2015.0.0
Learn about Individual Based Caseloads 2015.0.0 migration rules

If you have been practicing in some of our alternate contexts (see below), you should be aware that we will be refreshing beta and IBbilling-test at the same time we doing the upgrade.

We are going to keep demo running the current version of Therap so that if you need to compare caseloads after the release, you will be able to do so

:: Justin ::

– Live Data, Live System

– Copy of […]

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Therap 2015.0 :: GER Resolution

With our release this weekend we will be bringing you a new module called GER Resolution.  This gives you a separate place with its own permissions to record the results of any investigations and what the final outcome of an incident was.

You can learn much more about GER Resolution here: http://support.therapservices.net/display/support/Release+Notes+for+2015.0.0#ReleaseNotesfor2015.0.0-GERResolution

(There also has to be a Tony the Tiger joke about “GERR”!)

Also, you can visit Therap’s Training Academy for a new self directed course all about GER Resolution.

:: Justin ::

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Wednesday in Omaha, Nebraska

We are in Omaha, Nebraska for our Regional Conference here and preparing for Therap 2015.0 and Integrated Billing (imagine one click setting up service authorizations and attendance, imagine claims being automatically generated and sent!).

It also happens to be time for the College World Series and Jeff and I were fortunate enough to be able to attend last night.  Lovely stadium fun (but very long) game!

Hopefully, you like the folks in Nebraska are busy getting ready for our release!

:: Justin ::


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Back to the Future for testing Integrated Billing in Nebraska

On July 1st we will be implement our incredibly cool Integrated Billing in Nebraska.  We have been all over the state in recent weeks getting folks trained.  The difficulty was letting people have a place where they could easily practice.

We now have that set up.  you just need to go to: https://ibbilling-test.therapservices.net

This works just like our Beta Context in that it is a copy of our database that is running the new software that will be released next weekend and has all the new integrated service authorizations that start on 7/1.

The difference is that we have set the system clock on this context forward so that it thinks it is already the middle of July so you can start actually collecting […]

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Coming soon: Therap 2015.0 to be release June 26th 2015

We have been talking about it for a long time, but the wait is almost over.  On June 26th 2015, we will start the final stage of bringing you Therap 2015.0.

This is a huge release.  As you know, the change to Individual Based Caseloads touches just about every element of Therap (and will make it much, much better!), we are also bringing out Unified Billing (starting in Nebraska – much more about this for non-Cornhuskers later).

In order to move from the old world to the new, we not only have to upgrade our software (and many of the utilities behind it), we also have to migrate the database to the new format. This means translating millions of records.

We need to be […]

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Friday in Columbia, South Carolina

We finished off a very successful week in South Carolina with some meetings at the DDSN offices in Columbia.  Pulling in, I noticed that the flags outside were at half mast.  Any time I see this I am curious as to why, wondering if there was a local soldier being honored or some other occasion.

So I took to Google and discovered that today is National Peace Officers’ Memorial Day.  According to us.halfstaff.org the following is the proclamation:
Presidential Proclamation — Peace Officers Memorial Day and Police Week, 2015


Each May, our Nation salutes the American women and men […]

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Moving to Individual Based Caseloads :: Caseload Migration

Therap 2015.0 introduces new Individual Based Caseloads.  We have transitioned from the old (current) caseload structure according to the rules below.

To help you compare the old caseload structure to the new, we have created two  versions of Therap, using the same database. One version has been migrated to Individual Based Caseloads, the other retains the current structure of Program Based Caseloads.

You can visit each of these to compare what the process has done:

https://demo.therapservices.net (program based caseloads and the current software)

https://beta.therapservices.net (individual based caseloads and Therap 2015.0)

Use your regular login to access either of these.  Remember they are just a copy of the database (about a month old), any changes you make there will not impact your production (live) data.
Basic rules

Caseloads […]

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