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Montana Incident Report Updated

Montana's Official WebsiteMontana

Things are moving on apace in Montana since we won the RFP there. Hopefully you have been keeping track of all of Maureen’s travels around the state. We have now visited virtually every single provider in the State of Montana and the move towards a paperless state is gaining momentum!

As part of this process (and we are learning a lot along the way too!) we released an update last night (Therap 8.4.2) which simplifies the completing of the Montana State Incident Report.

:: Justin ::

Things to see in Therap 8.4

Have you noticed that you can now attach documents to an Individual Data Form?

This is a very cool feature that we’ve been asked for a while and included in last weekend’s release.

Screenshot fo IDF File Attach

As you can see you can add up to 10Mb of files to any IDF leaving plenty room for things like scanned copies of medical cards, birth certificates, or other vital documents.  Remember if you find that when you scan something the file size is too big, turn down the detail on your scanner you probably never use the level of detail it is set to.

Over in our General Event Reports we have added another much requested feature by adding increased detail to our body diagram.  You can thank the great State of Missouri (or is that Missoura, still no-one can tell me definitively which I should use) as we added this detail when we added their state incident report.

Body Diagram

As you can see, we have added things like specific fingers and toes.

You just have to be careful if you are in the State of Connecticut these don’t map properly to the 255 Incident Report. We have identifies the problem and fixed it in our code base.  We hope to be publishing the change soon.

:: Justin ::

Welcome to Therap 8.4

Graphic of Therap 8.4 Released

This morning we released the latest of our Fall 2009 Iterations: Therap 8.4

There are a whole bunch of goodies (including the Report Library and Splash Pages that didn’t quite make 8.3

You can read all about it in the Release Notes:


  • Response to <<Feedback>> will now be sent to user’s Secure Communications Inbox.
  • Providers will now be able to create custom Splash pages for communicating with their staff.
  • For all scheduled downtime / system upgrade of Therap Applications, a notice will be displayed in advance. This will enable users to save the forms they were working on and not loose any data.

Screenshot of Therap Demonstration Provider page with a shutdown notice

  • IP addresses of login/logout records are now shown in User Activity Tracking.
  • Names of Individuals will now appear as sorted in alphabetical order for child provider individual list.
  • Users without having regular Secure Communications enabled will still be able to receive Notifications and <<Feedback>> responses through Secure Communications.

Custom Report Library

Custom Report Library is a new feature that enhances Therap’s overall reporting functionality. This library will have some default reports already added by Therap. In addition to those, each Provider will be able to have ten most frequently used custom reports that they can run any time they need.


Screenshot of Attendance Option

  • Users can now choose whether an Attendance Option will be Billable or not. Attendance Data with Billable Options will only be used to generate Billing Data.
  • Users using Institutional claims can also select a Revenue code for each Attendance Option.
  • Users can now generate Billing Data by applying Bundling Rules from Attendance Option.


Screenshot of 'Bundle Rules' and 'Calculation of Units' sections

  • Users can now generate Billing Data from ISP Data for a date range. There is also option to create Billing Data with a specific unit against multiple ISP Data collected in a date range.

Medication History & MAR

  • Option for including attachments has been added in Medication History. Users can now attach/scan prescription or any other relevant external documents in it.
  • Attached documents in Medication History will also be accessible from MAR.
  • MAR now includes a new Filter mechanism. This filter enables user to view medications for selected set of programs.

Screenshot of MAR Data page with Filter Medications

  • This update also includes a PDF(without data) for MAR. This PDF can be used as an off-line form.
  • For allergies, if ‘no’ is selected in IDF, it will be shown as ‘no documented allergies’ in MAR.


  • While doing ISP Data collection, in case data has already been collected for maximum number of times, the date selection page will now show a list at the bottom with all the ISP Data documented for that given day. Users can click on any of those links to edit any particular ISP Data, if required.

Screenshot of ISP Data page with 'Select Data' and 'Collected Data' sections

  • In ISP Clinician Report, each entry is now displayed as a click-able link. User can access and edit the corresponding ISP Data directly from the Clinician Report.

Screenshot of Clinician Report with 'Date' section highlighted

  • IPOP & Safeguards forms can now be linked with Hab Plans.
  • Archiving has been added in Hab Plan
  • In ISP Plan PDF, effective date is now printed at the bottom of every page.


  • An attachment feature has been added to IDF

Health Tracking

  • In Appointments, a count has been added to display ‘Today’s’ appointments.

Screenshot of Appointment and Calendar on dashboard Screenshot of Appointment with Today link highlighted

  • In Immunization form, the vaccine ‘HgB’ has been renamed to ‘HBIG (Hepatitis B immune globulin)’ and ‘ISG (Immune Serum Globulin)’ has been added immediately after that.
  • Four additional items (Administered Diazepam Rectal Gel -Diastat AcuDial, Contacted Nurse, Contacted Doctor, Contacted Emergency Services) has been added to the Staff Action list in Seizure form
  • All immunizations are now shown in the Health Care Report. Previously, it displayed immunizations only within the selected date range.


  • Community Event Report Form has been added for the State of Missouri

Screenshot of Personal Involved section

  • Incident Report Form has been added for the state of Oklahoma

Screenshot of Oklahoma Incident Report

  • GER approve date has been added in the detail summary list under the event summary search section.


:: Justin ::

Have a great holiday weekend!

Therap 8.4

Especially if, like us, you work all weekend!

And keep an eye out for a few pleasant suprises that may well pop up along the way!

:: Justin ::

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