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20th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act

Do you remember when this was signed? What an event it was. Here is a link to the White House recognition from this past week.


Everyone can state a personal definition of what community means to them. This could be where one lives, where one works, or with specific groups of people where you share a common bond. New York has communities called villages, towns, Burroughs, on up to cities. When you work for Therap Services in a virtual world you slowly begin to define a different community. Having worked for Therap for over a year I am now seeing my community as those people who share a common bond of using Therap services. We can easily speak therapese, understand T-speak, and can be thrown by our old language being upgraded to a new language such as our beloved IDF’s are now ID.  What is the best way of sharing within our community is through our monthly user groups and soon there will be several days of Regional trainings. I look forward to seeing our community members at the Buffalo meeting August 24th and 25th and then in Cortland November 9 and 10.  Please go to our home page web site and register now in order to be a part of the New York Therap Community. See you there.

A Big Warm Welcome to People Inc.

Tuesday July 19th was our first meeting on implementation for People Inc.  It was quite a show with about twenty staff of People Inc. and from Therap; Justin, Maureen, Stephen and myself. Stephen guided us through the various modules being considered for priority while Maureen and I cheered him on. Justin went off to view their current system and afterwards we all got together to plan next steps.

The most interesting part of our meeting was where we met.  We met at the Museum of disABILITY History, and after our meeting was given a guided tour of the display and events they provide locally and nationally. Here is a link to their site, Museum of disABILITY History

What was interesting was how my travels and profession have been influenced by this history. It is worth your time to review where we have been and yet have so far to go.

Therap Users unite

Last Thursday over twenty people representing 4 agencies came together to discuss the inner workings of Therap. We have pages of ideas that we will compile with other user groups in order to submit to our programmers for future consideration. Over the past year we have held monthly user group meetings and using the information gleaned from these meetings has resulted in a better product for New York. For instance we now have an audit system that can forecast all items needed for being in compliance with OPWDD and OMIG requirements.

Our host for this latest event was The Resource Center located in Jamestown NY. Thanks to everyone there and I look forward to seeing more of the Therap family next month at Allegany ARC in Wellsville, NY.


I believe it is safe to say we all can appreciate the purpose and value of external audits and oversight, only if both parties are working off the same tools and expectations. For the longest time the word OMIG conjured up images of uncertain destruction. This is why Therap worked so hard to integrate all of the necessary components of documentation to ensure an agency is in full compliance to OPWDD and OMIG expectations.

As usual I like to share bits of information when I run across them, or one of our providers sends me links. Here is a link that you may find of interest. This is the link for OMIG home page. You can find a lot of information that can be of use. Also, while there you can subscribe to the e-mail and receive timely alerts. Making this information available to everyone helps us all to work for better outcomes.

Your opinion matters

I do not believe I have seen such focus on the system supporting people with disabilities for some time. We have seen the actions by the Commissioner and the commitment for change and support these efforts. The Governor has also been active in this endeavor and has asked in several different venues our opinions for improving systems of support. Here is a link that I hope you will use in order to provide your comments and suggestions to the Governor.  Submit your opinion/suggestions to Governor Cuomo

Kevin Lightle, Ed. D.
Regional Director of Training & Implementation

Kevin has worked in the disabilities field for over 35 years. He earned his Bachelor’s in Art Education from Virginia Tech, Masters in Special Education from Lynchburg College, and his Doctorate in Special Education Administration from Virginia Tech. His background includes a history of teaching adolescents with learning disabilities in Roanoke Virginia ...
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Kevin, will be be holding talks across the state with the help of provider agencies who are already utilizing Therap's documentation for disability services. Click below to see where, when and register.
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