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Greetings from Therap Services

I often feel that Therap is the biggest secret in our industry, but the truth is hundreds of CEOs, Executive Directors, Program Directors, Managers, and Direct Support Professionals are using Therap in more than 700 service provider agencies in over 45 states and provinces. My name is Jeff Case. I am the Midwest Business Development Consultant for Therap Services in Minnesota.

Therap is holding a National Conference this February (2012) in East Hanover, New Jersey. The primary focus of the conference is for anyone interested in looking at making their agency more efficient, better at communicating with one another, and moving the agency less reliant on paper. Staff from Therap will be available to sit down and assist you and to provide information about great resources for developmental disability care providers.

The Therap System

What is Therap?

The Therap system provides web-based progress notes, individualized service planning and tracking, incident reporting, medical information management, attendance, staff scheduling, and more. However at the end of the day you will find that the biggest change Therap makes is to the communication dynamic at a provider agency. Using a state of the art web based portal and a notification system entering a single note in the Therap system can send text messages and emails to supervisors and senior management. Staff can focus on care giving confident that people who need to be notified are being notified while they focus on caring for the individual.

Therap’s service bureau approach means that unlike other systems the Therap system does not require any start-up or licensing fees. For a modest annual fee Therap system users have a mature, automated system that can be implemented by any organization that has PCs and an Internet connection. Since Therap Services’ fees are based on the number of people an organization supports, Therap is cost effective for both large and small organizations.

Therap provides your organization with immediate results. You will see increases in quality as your staff and managers spend less time with their paper and more time with the people you pay them to support. At the same time, you will have greater access to your data from anywhere the Internet is available, at anytime, while Therap Services manages the network, database, data backup, and data recovery systems with a HIPAA compliant system that meets CMS Standards.

Learn More About Therap

To learn more about Therap go to or I can be contacted by phone at 816 522 3683 or by email at jeff If you are a prospect or just want to learn more about Therap contact me to discuss waiving fees at our conferences.

Jeff Case
Midwest Business Development Consultant