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Welcome to Therap Services

Image of the State map of OregonTherap Services is an online software service that provides secure, HIPAA compliant documentation and communication for developmental disability provider agencies. The suite is made of programs that cover extensively supports provided to individuals as well as programs that help an agency manage employee training/certifications and schedules, and also billing. For details visit our products page. Therap also provides extensive support in setting up and handling the transition to electronic documentation, along with great online training tools.

Oregon ISP

Providers from Oregon can document their ISPs following the state’s guidelines in Therap. To learn more, refer to these resources:

Making Individuals Viewable to the State

Info IconClick here for the complete instructions on how to connect your system to the state’s and how to make your clients visible to the state.

Access to Therap by Licensing

Click here to learn more about how Therap is working with providers and the State of Oregon Licensing

Training & Support Events

Upcoming User Groups

We’ve arranged quite a few User Groups around Oregon for us to meet to troubleshoot, network, discuss statewide issues and get the lowdown on any new Therap releases. The ones coming up are in Eugene and Tigard. Hope to see you there!

We arrange many training and support events through out the year, such as Conferences, Information Sessions, User Group Meetings, Webinars etc. Sign up for an upcoming event or view a recorded event from the list below for your region. If nothing is available for your region please go to our events page or contact us for details.

You can also read stories from the past conferences on Therap’s Facebook page.

There will be more meetings scheduled soon.

Sign up for an upcoming event or view a recorded event. If you’d like something specific for your region/state please contact us to request a Webinar or Therap Information Session near you.

Blogs: News & Updates

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Training & Implementation Specialists