Therap for Android Version 1.0. is a single app combining a collection of tools that will enable support professionals to provide better care to Individuals, especially those in a community setting. To find out how to get the app and activate the modules, click here.

Therap for Android consists of these three different modules:

ISP Data

To enhance an agency’s ability to record service/case notes on time, and in a more transparent manner, Therap for Android contains the ISP Data feature which allows staff to collect data where the service is being provided. The app logs the location of the data entry point, and also allows staff to take photos that will form part of the documentation. The user is also able to view the ISP Programs and will need to Acknowledge the program to be able to enter data.
ISP Data


The MAR tool on Therap for Android allows users to record administrations, and view the scheduled medications in a day-view, with an ability to navigate forward or backward from the current date. The MAR tool also allows entry of administration of PRNs and other medications.

The First DataBank drug reference tool is available along with the picture to identify the drug. Users can also access an individual’s allergy records, diagnoses and contacts.


Password Reset

This is a handy feature for Therap administrators of agencies to reset passwords of staff members. It’s especially helpful for agencies in a distributed setting where overnight staff may forget their passwords. Therap recommends setting strong passwords of mixed case alphanumeric characters and symbols. Implementing this basic security measure helps agencies make sure the access to their data is not compromised. The Password Reset tool is useful in implementing agency password policies on Therap.
Password Reset
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Therap for iPhone

Therap released an app for all Apple mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPod and iPads. The app is currently available in the Apple app store and for starters it features a T-Log application with its usual perks and more.

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Password Reset