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Time Tracking

Time Tracking module is designed to monitor activities and behavior changes including sleeping patterns and mood swings, of Individuals over a period of time at regular intervals. Users have flexible options for creating templates, recording data, and generating reports.

  • Track Behavior Changes & Activities
  • Create Templates for Data Collection
  • Analyze Patterns from Reports

Activity/Behavior Time Tracking Templates

Administrative users can create any number of Activity/Behavior Time Tracking template forms to collect and record data. They can set these up by specifying tracking duration, time intervals for monitoring, data values and associate color codes with each observation.

Data Entry

Once the Templates have been setup, users are able to use them to record activity and behavior of particular individuals at regular intervals, simply by selecting the appropriate values from drop down lists.

Summary Reports

Time Tracking reports can be generated for up to an entire month showing recorded data in color-coded grids, against date and time intervals. Reports also show maximum, minimum and average duration and the counts for each of the observations recorded.

As with most other Therap reports, Time Tracking reports can be exported to PDF and Excel formats.

Blogs on Time Tracking

From Justin Brockie:

  • 2012.3 Preview :: Time Tracking
    Video on Therap 2013.2 Preview :: Time Tracking I really like Time Tracking, I like the simplicity and flexibility, but most of all I like the visual reporting. In 2013.2 We’re making it even better with more scoring options and assignable templates. Enjoy! :: Justin :: - Read more
  • The answer to abuse is transparency and accountability
    Over the past months, and again this week, there have been awful, frightening stories coming out of the New York State developmental disability system, and in particular their institutions. These stories have been highlighted by the New York Times and I would encourage you to go and read them, even though you won’t enjoy the [...] - Read more
  • Therap 9.0 Preview Webinar
      Justin Brockie will present a webinar looking at new features in Therap 9.0.  This will include the new Time Tracking data collection module.  Significant updates to the Medication Administration Record.  Updates in Health Tracking reflecting the move to CCHIT compliance and more.  Please note that a separate webinar will be scheduled for New York specific features that will [...] - Read more
  • Another Look at Therap 9.0
    This morning I had the pleasure of being walked through a few of the features that you can expect to see in Therap 9.0 Currently we are targeting April 10th as a release date (as you know, this may well change) Here’s a quick glimpse Time Tracking is looking really good.  I am particularly excited [...] - Read more
  • Towards Therap 9.0 :: Time Tracking
    As we gather ourselves following an increadibly exciting conference in Fishkill, we are now focussed on bringing you Therap 9.0 and all the goodness that involves. One brand new module will be Time Tracking (though I kind of hope that we come up with a better name by then).  This is a quick and easy [...] - Read more