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Individual Support

The Individual Support application allows care providers to track, manage and follow-up on health, behavioral and incident related data. The Individual’s profiles and emergency data are easy to store, update and retrieve. Developmental Disabilities support providers find the system easy to use, making the paperwork process much less cumbersome and time consuming, thus allowing them to spend more time directly with the individuals they support.

Therap currently includes the following Individual Support modules to help staff with their day to day documentation, communication, and reporting:

Individual Home Page
Therap ‘Individual Home Pages’ allow care providers to find a wide range of information regarding an individual’s background, support plans, health information and activities, all within the same area. Learn More
General Event Reports
Users can report and follow-up on a wide range of incidents, including injuries, behavioral concerns, medication errors, restraints, allegations of abuse and neglect, accidents, missing persons and unusual events among others. Learn More
Individual Support Plans
The Individual Support Plan (ISP) module is great for users to plan, implement and track programs aimed at teaching individuals various tasks based on different learning abilities. Learn More
Individual Habilitation Plans
With Therap’s Habilitation Plans you will be able to create detailed and concise habilitation service plans for individuals by outlining the valued outcomes/prioritized goals, objectives, safeguards, assessments, service frequency and duration.Learn More
ISP Template Library
This gives Therap users the option to save depersonalized versions of frequently used service plans in a library which can be applied to more than one individual. The ISP Template library is a useful reference resource for service plan building. Learn More
Individual & Emergency Data Forms
The Individual Data Form (IDF) allows users to keep track of a wide variety of demographic data and background information on the people they support. A subset of the information on an IDF is used to automatically generate an Emergency Data Form (EDF). Learn More
Individualized Plan of Protective Oversight and Safeguards
A questionnaire based approach to record and update both general and residential information needs. These are usually referenced in the Safeguards section of an Individual Plan (IP). Learn More
Behavior Tracking
The Behavior Tracking module lets behavior specialists create a behavior plan and record behavior events and intervention details as outlined in that plan. The module also gives the users options to generate periodic and graphical reports. Learn More
Health Tracking
The Health Tracking module allows users to efficiently track different categories of health data and create detailed or monthly reports. It gives a flexible way to record and follow up on medical issues such as Vital Signs, Blood Glucose, and Medication History among others. Learn More
Management Summaries
Management Summaries give users a simple and effective way to keep track of all the events occurring at their agency. Users can also get an overview on the trends of different incidents and behavioral events that have occurred for individuals. Learn More
The T-Log module offers a simple and effective way to communicate information on daily events and activities within an organization. T-logs act as staff-to-staff communication and replaces the progress notes, shift notes or shift logs, daily logs and even nurses notes. Learn More
Secure Communications
The Secure Communications (SComm) module has been designed to facilitate the exchange of information among co-workers in a secure, HIPAA compliant way. Learn More
Witness Reports
The Witness Report is integrated with the GER module to allow staff members to include witness comments for all types of incidents. Learn More
This feature can be used to attach notes on certain Therap forms. Staff members can use T-Notes to convey information or to make notes to themselves or other users working with a particular form. Learn More
ISP Global Template Library
Using the ISP Global Template Library feature, ISP Program Templates can be shared among different agencies. Users are able to publish ISP Templates from their local library to the global library, where other agencies can make use of it. Learn More
Time Tracking
The ‘Time Tracking’ module is designed to monitor individual activity and behavior patterns, such as sleeping and mood shifts, in day and residential program settings. Learn More

Other Modules

Medication Administration Records (MAR) Beta
With the Medical Administration Records (MAR) module, users are able to schedule, record and track administered medications for an individual along with any comments by the administering staff. A powerful drug look-up/reference tool helps make sure correct medications are given and thus help reduce medication errors. Learn More
Personal Finance Beta
Therap has a Personal Finance module to allow tracking of financial transactions for an individual. With this module, users are able to create accounts for an individual and track transactions within those accounts. Learn More