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Secure Communications

Therap Automated Communication Module
  • HIPAA Compliant Information Exchange
  • Secure Messaging and Sharing
  • Create Custom Recipient Groups
  • Attach External Documents and Therap forms

The Therap Secure Communications (SComm) module facilitates the exchange of information among users in an agency, in a secure, HIPAA compliant way.

You can share both general and individual specific information, attach various files, forms and reports from Therap modules through SComms. Many Therap modules including ISP Program and GER (Incident Reporting), allow users to share forms and reports from both the module’s interface and the SComm interface.

The forms follow Therap’s security protocols and only the recipients with appropriate privileges are able to open these attachments. As information is processed using Therap’s secure, HIPAA compliant servers, what you share remains safe and secure.

The SComm module also allows you to:

  • Prioritize SComm messages with ‘High’, ‘Medium’ and ‘Low’ notification levels.
  • ‘Pin’ messages to highlight them
  • Configure notifications to be delivered to you via SComm.
  • Enable the ‘Limited SComm’ feature for staff with no access to Individual related SComms.
  • Search for messages using a wide array of search parameters withing regular or advanced search options.
  • Set up Custom User Groups

SComm has a flexible recipient selection scheme that allows you to select multiple recipients based on user names, titles, Program names, etc. You can create custom user groups and send messages to a selected group of users. Upon request, Therap lets you exchange SComm messages with users from other agencies. You can also communicate with Therap Customer Support using SComms.

Preview Screens from this module:

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