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Latest Press Releases:
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US Patent for secure sharing of private information on mobile devices

Therap Services received United States Patent #8,528,056 September 3, 2013 for managing secure sharing of information across security domains via a communication link, including the internet, wireless communications, mobile devices, telephone network and electronic messaging. Therap mobile apps for the developmental disability community reflect components of the patent. Read More

Developmental Disability Software Receives US Patent

Therap Services received US Government Patent #8,281,370 October 2, 2012 for Managing Secure Sharing of Private Information across Security Domains. Components of the patent are reflected in Therap’s software for the developmental disability community. The Therap Developmental Disability Software service allows sharing of data between appropriate organizations including states, counties, providers, families and individuals with HIPAA compliant security and tracking. Read More

Developmental disabilities software provider develops electronic interface for OPWDD IRMA

For developmental disabilities support providers in New York, Therap has developed an electronic system to interface with the OPWDD IRMA (Incident Reporting and Management Application). OPWDD requires developmental disabilities support providers in New York to submit all reportable incidents, seriously reportable incidents and allegations of abuse … Read More

Medicaid Billing Software for Florida APD Service Authorization and Utilization Management

Therap’s Medicaid billing software, has been approved for ASC X12 version 5010 transactions by HP Enterprise Services, formerly Electronic Data Systems (EDS), the MMIS vendor in Florida.” – said Barry Pollack, Therap’s Business Development Consultant and former HCBS provider in Florida. Read More

KMAP Electronic Billing Software for Kansas ID/DD Providers

With Therap’s electronic billing software, Kansas ID/DD providers are submitting electronic claims directly to KMAP (Kansas Medical Assistance Program). The comprehensive electronic billing solution handles the entire billing process for providers, covering service authorizations, billing/attendance records management, claim submission and status tracking. Read More

Florida APD Service Authorization Management Software

With the Florida APD roll-out of the iBudget and going to Quarterly Service Authorizations, it will be extremely difficult to manage Service Authorizations manually.” – commented Barry Pollack, Therap’s Business Development Consultant and former CEO of UCP East Central Florida. With Therap, Service Authorizations can be effectively managed. For each service outlined in a Service Authorization, the measuring unit, unit number and unit rate are specified. Read More

Software Released for NY OPWDD Incident Reports and MSC Notes

Therap 9.0 developmental disabilities software released last week showcases an array of New York specific online forms, including OPWDD 147 incident reports, monthly Medical Service Coordination Notes (MSC notes) and habilitation checklist mapping. The recently revised OPWDD 147 incident report form is a significant update with Therap 9.0. Users can easily review, print and submit the forms in the standard PDF format. Other enhancements include habilitation checklist mapping of HCBS waiver service types to particular service/habilitation plans. Read More

Developmental Disabilities Software Conference for Nurses

The conference will offer special sessions for providers in New Mexico, working with the Developmental Disabilities Supports Division (DDSD). There will be interactive demonstrations and training on Therap’s electronic health records (EHR) and case management tools for comprehensive health assessment (eCHAT), medication administration assessment (MAAT) and aspiration risk screening. Participants will also learn about Therap’s electronic health passports, which contain emergency details of individuals such as personal profiles, contact information, medication history, consent information and diagnoses. Read More

Conference with Developmental Disabilities Software Industry Leaders Therap Services and College of Direct Support in Missouri

The conference sessions will cover presentations on existing solutions. Industry experts will also discuss issues, such as information security, electronic signatures and HIPAA compliance. This will be a good place to learn about the wide assortment of HIPAA compliant software offered by Therap, including incident reports. Read More

Therap Developmental Disabilities Software on Mobile for Daily Progress Notes

Developmental Disabilities software provider Therap Services has released a mobile app for the iPhone and iPads. Called the ‘T-Log Reader’, the application allows staff members, working for agencies supporting people with developmental disabilities, to securely communicate and share day-to-day information and progress notes while they are moving within the community … Read More

Developmental Disabilities Software Developers Pass CPHIMS

Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), a global leader with a mission to transform healthcare through the effective use of information technology and management systems, arranges annual conferences to bring together the greatest minds working in the healthcare and technology fields to discuss critical health IT issues, … Read More