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Press Releases

South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs Selects Therap Services as the Statewide Reporting System

Waterbury, Connecticut, November 12, 2014

“Therap Services is excited to work with the state of South Carolina as the electronic documentation and communication solution for the Department of Disabilities and Special Needs.” Stated Justin Brockie,…. Learn more

Therap Services Secures Patent On Electronic System For I/DD Provider Agencies To Report Abuse Or Neglect

NEWS REPORT, July 13, 2014

On June 18, 2014, Therap Services announced it had received a patent for software to manage secure electronic reporting of abuse or neglect for provider organizations serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD)…. Learn more

Therap Services Announces U.S. Patent Issuance for Secure Electronic Reporting of Abuse or Neglect for I/DD Provider Agencies

Waterbury, Connecticut, June 18, 2014

Electronic Documentation Software Solution for Intellectual and Developmental Disability Providers Has Been Issued Patent for Managing Secure Sharing of Private Information Pertaining to Abuse or Neglect Across Security Domains Learn more

Therap Announces Electronic Billing Solutions for I/DD Service Provider Agencies in the State of Kansas

Waterbury, Connecticut, May 1, 2014

Therap Services Certified EHR Provides Electronic Billing Solutions to Providers Meeting KANCARE and KMAP Audit Compliance Regulations Learn more

Therap Services, LLC Becomes Oracle PartnerNetwork Gold Level Partner

Waterbury, Connecticut, April 7, 2014

Electronic Health Record for I/DD Service Providers attains Oracle Gold Level Membership. Learn more

Therap Services EHR announces Conference for I/DD Agency Providers in Georgia

Waterbury, Connecticut, March 12, 2014

Therap Services EHR promotes Person Centered Planning for Provider Agencies supporting Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and Developmental Disabilities. Learn more about GA conference here

Electronic Health Record Conference for I/DD Agency Providers in Metro NYC and Long Island

Waterbury, Connecticut, March 6, 2014

EHR Documentation Software from Therap Services Promotes Person Centered Planning for Provider Agencies supporting Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Learn more about NYC onference, here

Intellectual Disabilities Software Receives SOC 2 Report on Security Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality and Privacy

Waterbury, Connecticut, March 3, 2014

EHR Documentation Software from Therap Services Promotes Person Centered Planning for Provider Agencies supporting Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Learn more about Therap receives SOC2 here

Learn About New Developments in Electronic Documentation and Reporting at Therap Services Regional Conference

Waterbury, Connecticut, February 28, 2014

Leader in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Electronic Health Record and Data Management Announces Conference for Agency Providers in North Carolina and South Carolina. Learn more about Carolinas conference here

Therap Services Conference To Support Individuals With Developmental Disabilities And Their Support Circles

Waterbury, Connecticut, February 26, 2014

Electronic Health Record Services from Therap Services Promote Self Advocacy, Self-Directed Services and Person Centered Planning for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Learn more about this Therap Services Conference here

US Patent for secure sharing of private information on mobile devices

Waterbury, Connecticut, September 18, 2013

Therap Services received United States Patent #8,528,056 September 3, 2013 for managing secure sharing of information across security domains via a communication link, including the internet, wireless communications, mobile devices, telephone network and electronic messaging. Therap mobile apps for the developmental disability community reflect components of the patent.Learn more about this here

Developmental Disability Software Receives US Patent

Waterbury, Connecticut, December 12, 2012

Therap Services received US Government Patent #8,281,370 October 2, 2012 for Managing Secure Sharing of Private Information across Security Domains. Components of the patent are reflected in Therap’s software for the developmental disability community. The Therap Developmental Disability Software service allows sharing of data between appropriate organizations including states, counties, providers, families and individuals with HIPAA compliant security and tracking.Learn more about this here

Developmental disabilities software provider develops electronic interface for OPWDD IRMA

Waterbury, Connecticut, December 22, 2011

For developmental disabilities support providers in New York, Therap has developed an electronic system to interface with the OPWDD IRMA (Incident Reporting and Management Application). OPWDD requires developmental disabilities support providers in New York to submit all reportable incidents, seriously reportable incidents and allegations of abuse.Learn more about this here

Medicaid Billing Software for Florida APD Service Authorization and Utilization Management

Waterbury, Connecticut, December 12, 2011

Therap’s Medicaid billing software, has been approved for ASC X12 version 5010 transactions by HP Enterprise Services, formerly Electronic Data Systems (EDS), the MMIS vendor inFlorida.” – said Barry Pollack, Therap’s Business Development Consultant and former HCBS provider in Florida.Learn more about this here

KMAP Electronic Billing Software for Kansas ID/DD Providers

Waterbury, Connecticut, November 28, 2011

With Therap’s electronic billing software, Kansas ID/DD providers are submitting electronic claims directly to KMAP (Kansas Medical Assistance Program). The comprehensive electronic billing solution handles the entire billing process for providers, covering service authorizations, billing/attendance records management, claim submission and status tracking.Learn more about this here

Florida APD Service Authorization Management Software

Waterbury, Connecticut, October 06, 2011

With the Florida APD roll-out of the iBudget and going to Quarterly Service Authorizations, it will be extremely difficult to manage Service Authorizations manually.” – commented Barry Pollack, Therap’s Business Development Consultant and former CEO of UCP East Central Florida. With Therap, Service Authorizations can be effectively managed. For each service outlined in a Service Authorization, the measuring unit, unit number and unit rate are specified.Learn more about this here

Software Released for NY OPWDD Incident Reports and MSC Notes

Waterbury, Connecticut, June 17, 2011

Therap 9.0 developmental disabilities software released last week showcases an array of New York specific online forms, including OPWDD 147 incident reports, monthly Medical Service Coordination Notes (MSC notes) and habilitation checklist mapping. The recently revised OPWDD 147 incident report form is a significant update with Therap 9.0. Users can easily review, print and submit the forms in the standard PDF format. Other enhancements include habilitation checklist mapping of HCBS waiver service types to particular service/habilitation plans.Learn more about this here

Developmental Disabilities Software Conference for Nurses

Waterbury, Connecticut, May 18, 2011

The conference will offer special sessions for providers in New Mexico, working with the Developmental Disabilities Supports Division (DDSD). There will be interactive demonstrations and training on Therap’s electronic health records (EHR) and case management tools for comprehensive health assessment (eCHAT), medication administration assessment (MAAT) and aspiration risk screening. Participants will also learn about Therap’s electronic health passports, which contain emergency details of individuals such as personal profiles, contact information, medication history, consent information and diagnoses.Learn more about this here

Conference with Developmental Disabilities Software Industry Leaders Therap Services and College of Direct Support in Missouri

Waterbury, Connecticut, April 18, 2011

The conference sessions will cover presentations on existing solutions. Industry experts will also discuss issues, such as information security, electronic signatures and HIPAA compliance. This will be a good place to learn about the wide assortment of HIPAA compliant software offered by Therap, including incident reports.Learn more about this here

Therap Developmental Disabilities Software on Mobile for Daily Progress Notes

Waterbury, Connecticut, April 06, 2011

Developmental Disabilities software provider Therap Services has released a mobile app for the iPhone and iPads. Called the ‘T-Log Reader’, the application allows staff members, working for agencies supporting people with developmental disabilities, to securely communicate and share day-to-day information and progress notes while they are moving within the community.Learn more about this here

Developmental Disabilities Software Developers Pass CPHIMS

Waterbury, Connecticut, March 24, 2011

Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), a global leader with a mission to transform healthcare through the effective use of information technology and management systems, arranges annual conferences to bring together the greatest minds working in the healthcare and technology fields to discuss critical health IT issues.

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Therap Services Announces Release 7.3 for the Developmental Disability Community

Waterbury, Connecticut, June 15, 2008

Therap Services announces the release of version 7.3 of its integrated suite of documentation, communication and reporting applications. The system is now up and running with its latest features and enhancements.

Major updates in version 7.3 include:

ISP Plan

  • A new ISP Plan module has been introduced for New York providers. It can also be used by providers in other states with the appropriate ISP Plan roles.
  • The ISP Plan module can be used to document information such as ‘Person’s Valued Outcomes’, ‘Natural Supports and Community Resources’, ‘Medicaid State Plan Services’, and ‘HCB Waiver Service Summary’ among other information.
  • It automatically shows the individual’s contacts and shared contacts from the approved IDF module as well as all approved IPOPs of the individual.
  • External files can be attached, and review comments can also be added after the form has been approved.

General Event Reports (GER)

  • The GER module now supports the following APD forms for Florida: Agency for persons with disabilities – Incident Reporting Form and Agency for persons with disabilities – Follow-Up Measures Taken.
  • Multiple files can now be attached to GERs by users with GER Submit, Review, and Approve roles. Users can see information such as the file description, date of attachment and the name of the person who attached the file. The total size for all attachments can be maximum 10 MB. When files are removed it is recorded in the Activity Tracking module for Provider Administrators.
  • The GER PDF form now shows the Individual Name, Medicaid Number, Date of Birth or the Social Security Number at the top of the PDF form, when set by the Provider Administrator.

Health Tracking

  • The latest addition to the Health Tracking module is the Review section. This section contains a list of all the Health Tracking forms that have been recently added or updated in the last 7 days. You will no longer need to search for Health Tracking forms to track what changes have been made. All the recent changes to the Health Tracking forms can be accessed from the Review section. The forms will be removed from this list as soon as it has been reviewed by a user. Any user with the HT Review role will get access to this section.
  • The Health Tracking forms will now have a Reviewer List link that will show a list of users who have reviewed the form.
  • You can now attach multiple files to Appointments and Lab Test Result forms. The total size of all attachments for both the forms can be maximum 10 MB. When files are removed it is recorded in the Activity Tracking module for Provider Administrators.

Individual Data Form / Emergency Data Form (IDF/EDF)

  • Shared Contact is no longer a required field, and IDFs can now be saved without having a shared contact.
  • Users will now get the option to add comments for each contact.
  • Medicare Section is no more required when Medicare Number is specified.
  • Individual Plan of Protective Oversight and Safeguards (IPOP)
  • Users with the IDF Update role are now able to Update or Discontinue approved IPOPs only. They can no longer create new forms or view draft forms.

Management Summaries

  • When generating the Event Summaries report, you can now select more than 10 columns if needed. In doing so, you will get a confirmation message that your request has been received and within the next 24 hours you will get the report via SComm. The SComm message will contain a link to the report, clicking on which will open the report in Excel. The report will be available for 2 weeks from the day it was requested.

A complete list of enhancements for version 7.3 can be found at

About Therap Services

Therap Services provides secure, cost-effective information, documentation and communications services tailored to the specific needs of service providers, health professionals, regulators, and family members to improve the quality of life for people with developmental disabilities. Therap’s complete suite of applications includes Health Tracking, Individual and Emergency Data Forms, Individual Service Plans, Behavior Plans and Tracking, T-Logs, T-Notes, Incident Reports, Management Summaries, Witness Reports, Supported Employment Tracking, Calendar, Secure Communications, Staff Scheduling, Training Management System, Attendance and Electronic Billing. For further information, please visit