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Therap is Currently Used in USA and Canada by Providers of Support Services to Persons with Developmental Disabilities

Mandated by 5 States

In the states of Delaware, Nebraska, North Dakota and Montana all incident reports are filed through Therap. Agencies in Montana have access to the whole Individual Support suite and the agencies in Delaware are using Individual, Billing, and Staff Support applications. In New Mexico, Therap provides a secure, HIPAA Compliant, web-based Electronic Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool (eCHAT) to providers throughout the state.

Therap for States & Counties

The State of North Dakota has worked closely with us in setting up a Case Management System that will allow them to oversee and track the information recorded by providers in the state. Therap for States and Counties is now operational in North Dakota and we are actively working with them to add more meaningful features and functionalities to this system.

Therap across USA

We have users in over 48 states of USA and some of them have their own Therap portal with access to customized training/support materials and information. Contact us if you think there is information we can put here that will help you and the other agencies in your state.

International Presence

Canadian provinces where Therap is being used:

  • Ontario
  • Alberta
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