With users in 49 states and internationally, Therap Services is the leading provider of Electronic Health Records for people with intellectual disabilities in North America.

Therap’s service planning modules are able to document the planning meetings, goals, tasks and teaching methods, and later collect the data to measure the outcomes of the services and programs. The service data and attendance data are also automatically converted to billing units for submission to Medicaid or private payers. With the data easily accessible, agencies are equipped for efficient handling of audits and surveys, and meeting the requirements set by states and federal bodies.

With Therap for States and Counties government agencies and large scale providers operating in multi-state or multi-agency settings can effectively manage federal requirements, funding, and provide oversight for long term care.

Therap provides a unified platform for oversight agencies- organizations that oversee other agencies providing services to Individuals, sometimes in multiple states. Agencies are linked to the oversight agency and the oversight users can view these linked providers’ activities from their accounts. Communication between Oversight and Linked Providers takes place in a secure, HIPAA compliant manner, using Therap’s Secure Communications module.



Unified Process Model

International Presence

Billing/Individual Budgeting Integration

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Meet the team

The main contact for provider agencies will be Maureen Noonan, Senior Training & Implementation Specialist for Therap Services. Once you’ve completed the registration process, contact her to discuss your agency specific implementation options. Justin Brockie, Chief Operating Officer, will also be available for any assistance as needed.

Justin Brockie

Chief Operating Officer


Peter H. O'Meara

Director of
Government Relations


Jeff Covington

State Project


Sazzad Rafique

Chief of
Software Design


Deborah Brito

Senior Training &


Shawon, A S M Omar

Chief of Database


Anthony Tobey

Director of
Information Security


Leah Sewell

Senior Training &

Implementation Specialist