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Day 2 @ Phoenix

This is our second day at Phoenix. The HL7 Work Group Meeting starts today. We had half a day before the registration and given the bright and sunny morning, we decided to take a short trip some where near by. Masum bhai and Asif, after doing a bit of research, suggested the Desert Botanical Garden. It took us around twenty minutes to get there. We had absolutely no idea that cactus can be so amazingly beautiful. We took a lot of pictures. We also found a humming bird jumping around from one plant to another. If we had time, we probably would have spent the whole day at the garden.

We came back to complete the registration. Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort is the venue for this WGM. The resort is pretty cool with all sorts of services and amenities. We took a quick break for lunch at the Hole-In-The-Wall River Ranch restaurant. Then it was time for the introductory sessions on HL7 WGM. There were two sessions scheduled for this after noon. The first one was an informative session for all first time attendees and it covered an over view of HL7 as a standard developing organization and some helpful instructions for next couple of days. The second session was on organization and process orientation. This one discussed work group structure and content domains including formal work group process and protocol for actively participating in the work of the work groups. From tomorrow, we will be attending more specific sessions covering different areas like EHR, PHR, HL7 V3, V2, CCD, CDA and so on. We are very excited to get more in depth understanding of health informatics out of this sessions.


One Response to “Day 2 @ Phoenix”

  • Tarique says:

    great to see so big big size Cactus!!! really cool.
    Looks like Masum Bhai hold his breath (belly!!) while taking snap!! :)

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