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…than Maine, Maine, Maine.

So.  Danica and I have left the comfort of our cozy intern cave (aka the tiny back room in Therap’s Waterbury office) to venture forth into the world (aka Maine).

At about eleven this morning, my mother drove the great distance (520 yards, actually) to pick up Danica, then took the two of us to the Bridgeport train station.  The parking garage had steep ramps and sharp corners and was generally terrifying in the boxy van.  However, it was quite conveniently right across from the train station.

There was a brief moment of panic when it was determined that our train to Boston was supposed to arrive at 12:12 and not 12:30 as we had previously believed (made worse by the fact that we picked up the tickets at 12:11), but as we rushed out onto the platform an announcement played stating that the train was running twenty minutes late. Relief.

waiting at the train stationAfter some waiting, I decided to double check with the others that we were on the right side of the tracks.  This thought had never occurred to my mother, and Danica just assumed that the train took up the entire space.  Oh dear.  Turns out we were supposed to be on the other side.

We made it with plenty of time.  Danica and I bid my mother farewell and got on the train.  However, we had to go all the way to the front of the coach cars (and were warned “no phones, no fun” in the quiet car) and then track back to the very last car in the train to find two seats together.  Exhausting.  However, the rest of the train ride was an easy, if long, one.

We got off the train and Deb met us at the top of the escalators.  I attempted to pull off a bag in one hand, a drink in the other, and balancing as we took another train.  Not so much.  The bag got to sit on the floor, but in no time we were off and at her car.driving to MaineThe drive from Boston to Maine was beautiful, all green trees and blue water.  I dozed off at one point and woke up on the middle of a bridge, surrounded by gorgeous water and boats.  It was quite the surprise.

Flatbread CompanyWe drove into Portland and had dinner at the Flatbread Company, a flatbread pizza restaurant by the water.  There was a short wait, easily passed by watching kids play by the dock and listening to a man play something that sounded like a cross between bagpipes and a harmonica.

mystery instrumentWe ate out on a deck where you could see the water in between the floorboards.  The food was great, from the mandarin orange soda to the salad (with seaweed!) to the huge, cheesy, randomly sliced flatbread.  It was quite the satisfying meal.

view from dinnerDeb brought us back to a hotel, where we will be spending the next two nights.  In the morning, we’ll be heading off to help Deb as best we can and try and get some advice from Therap customers on what they want from their user guide.  Wish us luck!


EDIT: Figured out how to add the images!  If anyone knows what the man in the photograph is playing, feel free to let me know.  Also, the titles for every day’s blog post by Danica and myself will be linked.  Keep an eye out.


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