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Therap 9.1: Unified System for Multi-provider Settings

Therap 9.1 is just around the corner and its going to be huge, especially for users who work in multi-provider settings – in the coming version, ‘parent’ and ‘child’ provider accounts are being brought under the same unified system. What this essentially means that keeping track of records at multiple agencies just got easier and more efficient. Here is a sneak preview on what is to come within a couple of weeks –

Single login to access parent and child provider accounts: Users working with records at multiple providers (parent provider users) will be able to access all information from within a single account, using a single login. This is also true for State users who will no longer use a separate login page to gain access to the State system. Authorized users will have access to the State system from within their regular Therap accounts.

Unified FirstPage: The unified system will show a unified view of the Therap FirstPage, which will allow them to view T-Logs (progress/shift notes) and General Event Reports (incident reports). Users will be able to get to the FirstPage screens of child providers just by switching providers from a drop down list.

multi-provider FirstPage

Individual Intake/Referral: Parent provider account administrators will have the option to handle individual intake from a new area on their provider admin FirstPage.


During the intake process, the individual will be given a unique ID (‘Assigned ID’), which will be the underlying link between that individual’s records maintained at different ‘child’ providers.

Users at the parent provider or the State will have the option to send referrals for an individual to one or more child providers under it.

Option to create Provider Admin accounts: Now, provider agencies have to contact Therap to open new provider administrator user accounts. In 9.1 Provider Admins at agencies will have the option to create and manage new provider administrator accounts for the agency.


This is just a preview. There will be many more helpful features in Therap 9.1. So, please stay tuned.


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