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Release Notes, User Guides and Preview of Therap 2012.0

Therap is buzzing at the moment with excitement and action as we prepare for the coming year and the release of Therap version 2012.0.


To learn more of what to expect this January, here are a few resources, including a Beta Testing site, where you can try out the modules and features, and send us feedback:


Justin had held two webinars where he went through the upcoming features. You could view a recorded webinar from the 15th if you’ve missed them:

(View on YouTube)

As the number of agencies using Therap expand, we are learning more and more about developmental disabilities services industry and improving our system in order to provide an efficient documentation solution, that complies with industry standards such as CCHIT and HIPAA. We hope you find the upgrades helpful and look forward to your feedback.


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