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General Billing Updates in Therap 2012.0 Release

Therap 2012.0 release introduces several enhanced Billing module specific features. The following list provides an overview of general Billing module specific release features.

  • A warning message will be shown for blank Funding Source in Service Authorization form
  • A Claim Form link column has been added in Reconciliation Report
  • Number of Cost Center type ‘Options’ have been increased.
  • ISP Billing introduced in Institutional Claim
  • Transaction Records can be searched with the Claim Tracking ID as a search parameter
  • ‘Payer’ field introduced in search forms
  • Denied Claim Report will not be generated for Manual Claims.
  • A remittance file with the same name cannot be uploaded into the system.
  • A new field ‘Is Billable ISP Program’ has been added under the Other section of the ISP Program form.
  • A new checkbox field, ‘Status’ have been added under the Output Columns section of Billing Summary Report.

For more information on billing module specific changes please click here.


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