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The Maine Event

Beginning on September 30 and continuing through October 12, I will be traveling throughout Maine and Cape Cod. I’ll primarily be in the mid-coast area of Maine: Auburn/Lewiston, Topsham, and Portland. There will be a whole lot of training going on, as well as many demonstrations for some interested potential users. I will end the trip in Cape Cod, visiting an existing user in the Brewster area and then heading to South Yarmouth to give a live demonstration of all that Therap can do. It’s very exciting. If you know anyone in those areas who may like to get together, please do not hesitate to be in touch.

Until then, I have to figure out how big a rental car I’ll need for BOTH of our classrooms, luggage, and me…I think a bright orange Hummer would do. :)



On-Call Telephone

Many providers ask the following question:

How do I give access to my managers/directors/supervisors who are on call occasionally and need access to the entire agency? The access needs to allow them to search for material but not modify it and not overwhelm them with huge numbers of FirstPage notifications.

A provider administrator can see to this rather easily by doing the following:

Create a super role or set of privileges that include only the “view” roles for the modules that you would like them to be able to search. (For Tlogs, this is slightly different (and tricky) as you will want to NOT give them view but only “entry” and “update” roles to avoid numbers on their FirstPage.)

Create a caseload that includes the individuals/programs not normally under the given person’s supervision.

Assign that super role and caseload to the user who will be the agency’s occasional “on-call” person.

This works well as the staff member will be able to search material in the event of an emergency or unusual event. This is also much like some of the tricky things you can do with caseloads and super roles to share material between, for example, residential and day program sites. By giving a “view only” role for material, staff can search data from the other program but not modify it. This tends to be particularly useful for General Event Reports (GERs) and Health Tracking data.


Custom Scoring Method

Since the release of 7.0 in February, you can customize the scoring method for ISPs. A provider administrator can create custom scoring methods available for all plans in the agency. Custom scoring methods can also be created for individual ISPs on a one-by-one basis. So, if you are writing a plan for physical therapy exercises or a facility checklist, you can have the selections for staff to choose from read exactly as they need to when they are inputting data. Along with this, is the ability to make a task non-reportable so it is not considered when the system calculates monthly or quarterly averages. This is particularly handy when you may want to write one ISP that can be used frequently throughout the week but all steps are not applicable for every session, hence allowing the staff to choose what his non-applicable as well as statistically non-reportable. And that, my friends, is ragingly cool. Almost as cool as the ISP Template Library. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Allison

Samwise Gamgee at your service…


From Star Wars to Lord of the Rings (my preference anyway). It is true, as I’ve said many times before (especially to Warren!), that I would make a great hobbit. The quiz confirmed my suspicion: I am Samwise Gamgee who is at home in the Shire, in the garden, and in the pub. My results (however, it was a close race as you can see!): You scored as Sam.

You are Sam. Sam is a wonderful hobbit…he’s Frodo’s gardener, but he turned out to be saving his back all the time. You always come prepared, and you can always delight someone with your cooking or just by your appearance. You’d do anything for your best friend. Keep it up, Samwise Gamgee!



















Who will Kara and Justin turn out to be? :)


Feeling The Force

Alec Guiness

So, Justin is Princess Leia (cinnamon buns??) and I turned out to be Obi Wan Kenobi…Go figure in this strange town of Therapville. I was feeling rather Taoist this morning! (We’ll have to see who Kara is later!)

My results (and the scoring appeared completely accurate no matter what Justin said):

You scored as Obi-Wan Kenobi.

One of the last jedi knights. People find you to be a bit aloof, but you know you travel the honorable path and that is all that matters. Now if only you could get your padawans to listen to you.

Obi-Wan Kenobi


Han Solo


Padme Amidala


Leia Organa




Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader


Luke Skywalker




Boba Fett


Darth Maul



Encyclopedia of Life

I heard this story on NPR on the way home today about a Harvard professor who wants to build an internet-based encyclopedia cataloging all 1.8 million of known living organisms on the planet. In many ways it will function as an evolving living organism itself as expert and amateur contributors alike will continuously add and update new entries. What a cool idea! It really struck me just how massive a project such a thing is and how impossible such an undertaking would be without the technology we accept as old news these days…So, after writing a Tlog, and paying your bills online, check out the latest entry on geckos or one of the 10,000 known species of bacteria at the Encyclopedia of Life.


Would you prefer coffee or T?

So, let’s do lunch! How about a “T-Lunch?”

I was speaking with a very excited, impending user (these people are not even set up yet!!). They have been spending much time roaming around our DEMO provider and we are planning to get them started next week. There is some serious enthusiasm in South Dakota!!

Well, they have started without me and are all ready having T-Lunches where they do all these Therap-ing things like walkabouts, tutorials, & writing Tlogs. Maybe they’ll invite us over one day for T (I assured them I’d bring Archie Pug as he likes tea and all else as well)!

If you have any cool training ideas, let us know! >>Allison

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