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And the Fun in KS has begun :)

Today is the first day of our three day jam packed learning frenzy conference in lovely KS. The day started with a great welcome speech from both Therap and the College of Direct Support…our first ever joint conference!

We’ve got users from all over the US as well as our colleagues form Bangladesh…below is Sazzad sneaking some fun setting up the Wii station for what is going to be a hoot of an evening full of fun and relaxation!


A whole lot a trainin goin on!

I’m back in Delaware this week doing some on-site training for staff at Delmarva and things can’t get much better than todays fantastic turn out. Dave, Amy, and Annette have all been tremendous in ensuring I have everything I need and even had the tech guy there when I arrived to hard wire in all the computers…very cool indeed :)

After the productive day I enjoyed the fall weather and light and took a couple pf photogrpahs. The first is a bit on the fuzzy unfocused side but I simply loved the quality of light with the red barn and the golden wheat fields.


Fall in CT

This weekend was simply fantastic if you are the type of person who loves temps in the high 60′s and the color of the changing foliage. The last two days for me were spent outside enjoying the waining days of fall and photographing mother nature in all her glory. Here are a few pics of my weekend strolls:

Happy Fall everyone! :)


A return trip to Illinois

I arrived with little drama yesterday afternoon and to my surprise, my luggage did as well!…I actually could have sworn I saw my luggage sitting on the little trolley cart as we pulled away from Bradley and they announced over the loud speaker that the luggage department was full and, oh my, they had to leave a few pieces behind. But thanks to my luck, it was someones else’s :)

So today I spent the morning with an agency in Mount Vernon whom I visited just under a year ago…it was like a Therap reunion and we had pizza to celebrate! On my return drive back to Fariview Heights I could not help but swing into the museum I passed on my way down which caught my eye due to their extensive outdoor sculptures. It’s the CedarHurst Center for the Arts and what a great landscape! I’ve heard that the gallery exhibits are very impressive, they had the King Tut exhibit back in the early 90′s, but unfortunately for me the buildings are currently under construction, so no gallery exhibits to view. I did meander around the exterior…mostly modern sculptures (not my favorite) on some beautifully maintained landscapes. The temp was 103 so the jaunt was quick and I did snap a few photographs in the blazing Egyptian like sun:

OK, Flickr keeps “Bonking” my photographs so no uploads tonight…I’ll post tomorrow!


One of my favorite Bistro's

I am here in lovely Newark, Delaware training a couple of providers that have decided to surge ahead and implement applications that the state has not yet mandated…fun stuff!! Always nice to see and hear our users excited about Therap and how it is going to impact their particular agencies in a variety of cool ways. While here I am of course planted nightly at my favorite local restaurant, Caffe Gelato, a sweet little Northern Italian/ Mediterranean inspired Bistro in downtown Newark.

If you ever find yourself in this college town you simply Must stop in for dinner and a gelato, the gelato being made on premises and offered in a variety of delightfully sinless flavors.

Enjoy :)


A Drive through the Grand Tetons, WY


Day 2 in Yellowstone!

Just a few of my favorite photographs from my second day running around Yellowstone. Personally I think my second day of photographs are far more successful than my first:

Above- many of the old wooden deteriorated boardwalks in Yellowstone are being replaced by ones made from millions of recycled plastic bottles.

Below- This big guy was following me along during one of my hikes…it was rather scary as they can be aggressive and charge if they feel threatened in any way:

These are more of the Elks listening to the howls of wolves at sunset:

I really like this photograph…the textural feel of the mountain face for me resembles skin:

Trees are referred to as “petrified” due to boiling hot spring water soaking into their trunks and instantly kiling them:


A few of my favorite pics…day 1 in Yellowstone

Yellowstone Lake at the start of sunset

One of thousdands the natural hot springs.

The meandering stream…my favorite!!

Yellowstone has many beautiful waterfalls

It’s totally cool to see the earth bubbling and so Alive! in the natural hot springs.


A little log cobin…what I always wanted!

I arrived in Afton, Wyoming yesterday afternoon and will be here until Firday. When I first caught sight of the Corral Motel I was actually gripped by fear…the visual shock just kinda sent a shiver through my body and I was wondering how I was going to survive the next few days. This is a photograph of what first appeared to be a plastic log cabin:

(Now I have always been a big fan of log cabins and often would fantasize about taking up residence in one in the alps of Switzerland, or some such place…but never in my fantasies did I ever imagine a plastic log cabin)

But in actuality the inside is really quite cute…the interior is rough pine tree trunks with all the delightful character that comes with natural wood and the four poster beds are made of the same knotty pine with chairs to match. So I not only will survive but will in fact be quite content in my little log cabin. :)


A weekend in Yellowstone

Well I must say my weekend was spectacular!! It was not a weekend for rest but one in which you wake up at 6am and don’t return to your hotel room until after 10pm because there’s just simply too much out there to do and see!! Those of you who know photography know the best light is in the early morning when the sun is rising and in the evening when the sun sets…and on either end you have about 7 minutes worth of exceptional lighting. I did succeed in capturing some magnificent shots which i’ll share once I organize my 400 photographs (thanks to the digital camera, which made that number even remotely possible!)

For now I’ll post my animal pics…mostly grainy due to my not so grand zoom lens and the harsh afternoon light.

Baby black bear (mother never did make an appearance)

Part of the art of hiking is not only looking down to avoid trip hazards but to look up and see what’s around you, as it can often be easily missed!

Baby moose with mother to follow:

Buffalo galore!! They were everywhere and often were the cause of light traffic jams as they meandered down the road on their own merry way…this one just stared at me in a petrified forest:

Another Moose!! One of the sight seeking tourists asked me when an elk became a moose (in all sincerity)…I replied “probably after your third martini” :)

A very lucky shot…I was in the middle of a hike in the back woods and this bird just glided and landed along side me:

And of course the honey bunnies…a mother Grizzlie with her cub:

And the last animal photograph is an elk at sunset. The wolves had actually just started to howl and the elk picked up it’s ears to listen to the sound of ….fear??


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