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News For Cross Providers

We would like you to know that for our users who are cross providers, we are currently working on the following and hope to have updates for you regarding these real soon:

The user account under the parent provider is inactive, but the user still shows up in the child provider as active.

Currently, notifications need to be set up separately for each Child Provider.

If a Child Provider is assigned under a Parent Provider Account, and the same login name of the Parent account already exists in the Child Provider, then that child provider account?s access privileges are replaced by the Parent account?s access privileges.

When the access privilege(s) of a child provider is modified, the privilege cache may not be properly updated.

Please feel free to comment, or write to us with any questions or concerns that you may have.

== Ishita ==

What happened to the GER ‘Return to Submitter’ and ‘Approve’ options?

With our recent update, you will find that you need to click on the ‘Edit this GER’ button at the bottom of a GER in order to access the ‘Return to Submitter’ or ‘Approve’ buttons. This extra step has been implemented to facilitate the simultaneous adding of review comments by multiple users, on a GER.

So who does this affect? Users with the ‘GER Review’ and ‘GER Approve’ roles will need to click on the ‘Edit this GER’ button to find the ‘Return to Submitter’ and ‘Approve’ buttons respectively.

Also, users with only the ‘GER Review’ role will be able to add attachments once they have clicked on the ‘Edit this GER’ button.

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